Beauty, Inc. (PIU’s Review)

Beauty, Inc.Title: Beauty, Inc. (The Pennymaker Tales #3)
Author: Tara Lain
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 8th, 2016
Genre(s): Fairytale Romance
Page Count: 121
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Chemist Dr. Robert “Belle” Belleterre loves flowers, green trees, his best friend Judy, and “his baby”: the new face cream he developed to help put his father’s small cosmetics company on the map. Sadly he gets no help from his alcoholic, gambling-addicted father who loses Belle in a poker game to Magnus Strong, the CEO of Beauty, Inc. the largest American cosmetics company—a man infamous for his scarred ugliness.

Belle finds himself uprooted from his home, living in a wildly crazy apartment in New York owned by Mr. Pennymaker, and completely unprepared for his mad attraction to the charismatic Strong. Feeling like a traitor, Belle fights his passion only to see more and more of the goodness and humility hidden by Strong’s ugly face. But when Belle’s family starts manipulating his life again, the odds turn against happiness for beautiful Belle and his beloved beast.

I love fairytales and Happily Ever Afters and whenever there is any new rendition of the classic tales i am all over it. The Pennymaker series by Tara Lain is a very beautiful uptake on the classic fairytales with adorable m/m characters and a modern twist. Beauty, Inc. is the third installment in this series and is a rendition of my favorite “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”. So Yeah, i absolutely enjoyed it.

In this version of the classic and beloved fairytale, we have Dr. Robert “Belle” Belleterre, the “beauty” finding his HEA with Marcus Strong as in the “Beast”. Belle is a gifted chemist who is trying his level best to keep his father’s cosmetic company from going down in flames. His father is a raging drunk and a gambler who in a stupid poker game loses Belle to Magnus. Belle is torn between his loyalty towards his irresponsible family and his new life/ career under the employment of their rival company, cosmetics giant Beauty, Inc. Belle’s resentment for Marcus melts away in time as he gets to know the kind/compassionate Marcus. Well we all know what happens at the end*wink* (just with a lot more hot and hard kissing and sizzling love making than the kid’s version!!!)

The plot is predictable as we all know what is going to happen but the author is still able to give it a very new and interesting twist. Mr. Pennymaker is present as always to play fairy godmother to the sad and lonely Belle in the big apple. The side characters were very nicely incorporated in the story. Belle’s new family in the big city along with his BFF Judy and also Leroy just keeps on adding charm to this sweet story. Magnus and Belle’s attraction is instantaneous. Belle does not trust Magnus a lot at the start but Magnus’s big and compassionate heart wins Belle over in no time.

Magnus is insecure about his looks. He knows that a beauty like Belle could never love him like he wants but Belle proves him wrong again and again. Belle’s ultimate declaration of love for Magnus just the way he is was beautiful. Marcus has lost his mother in an accident which gave him the scars and he wears them as a punishment as he blames himself for the accident. Belle helps Magnus forgo that blame and helps him heal by creating the cancer counseling center “B strong”. The wordplay in the name of the center was brilliant.

All in all, all the lovers of Beauty and the Beast should give this book a try. It is a very adorable read with sweet characters and a very fresh rendition of the classic.

Pennymaker Tales Series

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Galley copy of Beauty, Inc. provided by Dreamspinner in exchange of an honest review.