The Private Secretary

The Private Secretary
Title: The Private Secretary
Author: Summer Devon
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 13th 2016
Genre(s): Historical Romance
Page Count: 141
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Down on his luck and desperate for employment, Ezra Seton is offered only one job: to work in the house of a heartless bully, the very man who drove Ezra’s lover away. Gritting his teeth, Ezra takes the position. But neither the new job nor the master of house are what he expected. Still, he vows to keep his distance, no matter how difficult it is to maintain his composure.

Robert Demme’s pleasure-seeking days are over. Having rescued his cousin Ambrose from a lunatic asylum, he expends much of his energy pacifying the fragile eccentric. Hiring an assistant offers some relief–and also intriguing temptation. Unfortunately, the fascinating Seton apparently loathes him. Determined to discover the reason, Robert uses his considerable wit to get under the man’s skin, stunned when his plan backfires. Instead of unraveling the stalwart secretary, Robert has undone himself. All he’s accomplished is a deepening of his own interest.

When the two spend the night together in an inn, their mutual desire proves too strong. The secretary and the gentleman succumb to lust. But when Ezra’s old flame reappears and the cousin’s experiments go awry, it’s a battle to discover which will win the day: love or lunacy.

This edition includes a selection from Simon and the Christmas Spirit, a title by Summer Devon and Bonnie Dee.

This starts as an enemies-to-lovers story, but it soon turns into something much sweeter.

Robert hires Ezra as his cousin’s secretary and personal assistant. Although Ezra seems to be getting along fine with the cranky scientist, he also seems to hate Robert’s guts. But Ezra has his reasons for disliking Robert, although the young gentleman is different than what he expected him to be.

I appreciated that the author didn’t drag this out. Thankfuly, Robert was very straightforward and whatever the reason for this animosity was, it resolved pretty quickly. And the desire for each other got too strong to ignore.

“I’ve been imagining kissing you since you came down that ladder in the library that first day. It’s annoyed me no end to want your scowling mouth on, er, me. And I’m tired of being alone, Ezra. Shall we? Just for one night.”

What I liked the most about this book was Robert. He didn’t only fool Ezra, he fooled me as well. At first, he comes off as shallow, or someone who’s all about having fun. Then, it becomes obvious that he truly cares even if he misses his old lifestyle. But by the end of the book, Robert is a hero.

I liked Robert’s cousin, Ambrose, and the way that the author sketched his quirky character. He really came alive through the pages. But I felt that Ambrose, his experiments, and later on Miss O’Keefe took too much space and stole time from the MCs.

The story is also low on steam, and I woud have liked some more passion (not necessarily sex) and tension. But the ending is very, very sweet.

There is an evil ex that got what he deserved in a very satisfactory way, a party that went wrong, a wedding, and bugs…so many bugs.

Recommended for a sweet and angst-free historical.

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Galley copy of The Private Secretary provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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