Heart Ripper: Coffin Nails MC (IS’s review)

Heart Ripper
Title: Heart Ripper: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem #9)
Author: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd.
Release Date: June 15, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Bikers
Page Count: 319
Reviewed by: IS
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.7 stars out of 5

— You always want what you can’t have. —

David. Catholic. Gay. Set on keeping his purity ring.
Raja. Biker. Manwhore. Never refuses a bet.

David has always tried to be the best son his parents could dream of.
Always at church on Sunday.
Always eager to help with the garden.
Always trying his best at school.
Prim, proper, innocent, and kind.
But deep inside of him, there is a yearning planted by the devil himself, and when a cocky, foul-mouthed biker pulls him a step too far, David doesn’t fall into the abyss. He leaps.
Raja is all he’s ever dreamed of, yet didn’t dare voice. Older, dangerous, a wall of muscle with a grip so strong David can’t resist him no matter how hard he tries.

As a freshly appointed president of a motorcycle club on the verge of ruin, Raja has a lot to live up to. Being gay doesn’t do him any favors in terms of commanding the respect of his men. He has his way of compensating though.
Always first in a fight.
Always bragging about his sexual conquests.
Always up for a bet.
Daring, tattooed, sexy, and unapologetic.
After he boasts he can have any man he wants, he gets challenged to hook up with the preppy guy wallflowering at a party. Raja can’t wait to pop the innocent cutie’s cherry. But when he finds out the guy is his friend’s younger brother, life gets a whole lot messier.

Why is the one guy who should be off-limits always the most tempting?


Themes: Outlaw motorcycle club, organized crime, religion, homophobia, bet, good boy meets bad boy, coming out
Genre: M/M romance, suspense
Length: ~100,000 words

WARNING: This book contains steamy sexual content and graphic violence.

I once read, or heard, something amongst the lines, “Your hands don’t know how to be gentle.” It was a lovely piece of poetry about delicate things crumbing under someone’s touch. That piece came to my mind more vividly than ever, and funnily enough I think it applied to the K.A. Merikan duo. They have this way with stories that they take the reader to the extremes, to places that perhaps some are not comfortable with. In fact, I’ve been there, I’ve read books that I wouldn’t usually read.

They write gritty and harsh. They present the unlikely hero, the antihero in some narratives, but…they are redeemable, even when it isn’t needed. I digress, though.  “Your hands don’t know how to be gentle,” I say to K.A. Merikan, “or so I thought,” See, this book is sweet, and delicate and me as a reader thought I had the duo figured out. I was expecting the gritty and harshness that comes with a K.A. Merikan novel, but instead I got the warm hands, the slow caress.

His Favorite Color is Blood is my favorite in the MC Coffins Series, but Heart Ripper is now my co-favorite. They’re both contrast opposites and I can just say they know how to do it all. Heart Ripper is sweet and romantic, and I completely ate it all up.

I just want to write asdjkalsdjasdk for the entire review, because that how much I loved it. How much I loved David and Raja. Oh man. They’re the first characters that I automatically loved together and individually. David is this sweet, naive, gives his all guy who has had a very sheltered life. And Raja, is what the “bad boy” should be, this badass guy who doesn’t treat his lover like shit, the way most romance portray the bad boy guy to be.


The way they banter is where their chemistry starts, and every time they sent messages to each other I would a. laugh out loud, b. gasp at some of David’s advances, c. ship them together all the more.

K.A. Merikan still writes about very flawed characters, who not always make the best decisions. Heart Ripper is an awakening, for both characters, and it’s sweet, in a way that only the duo can make it when dealing with unlikely (not unlikeable) characters. Despite me saying how sweet and romantic it is, by no means did they take out their staple grittiness style. Raja is still a biker, still an MC President and he behaves as such and David completely accepts Raja, just as Raja accept him. The more I keep thinking about them both the more I love this book. It still sexy and steamy and dirty, in fact, it’s all of the above. 

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