A Heart’s Desire (PIU’s Review)

A Heart's Desire.Title: A Heart’s Desire
Author: Kris Michaels
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Release Date: June 21th, 2016
Genre(s): Thriller/Crime, Serial Killer, FBI Investigation
Page Count: 188
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Agent McKenzie is nobody’s ‘yes’ boy and has the letters of reprimand to prove it.

He smells the stink of political maneuvering in this case and he can see the handwriting on the wall. Hell, the words are three feet high and written in crayon. Someone in his own agency wants a target on Liam Mercier’s back but McKenzie would be damned if he’d put one there. The damaged man currently in his custody needs his protection, not manipulation. That’s why he’d agreed to use a safe house that was off the grid. Throwing away his rarely used FBI procedure book had nothing to do with the protective urges he felt around Liam. Nope, not a damn thing to do with heavy doses of desire, or spikes of lust. He was just doing his job, after all, he has a killer to catch and a victim to keep alive. Protecting his best bet of taking that sick bastard down was his civic duty.

Forced to face the nightmares of his past or lose his pension, Liam Mercier did the only thing he could do. He walked back into his personal hell. The man assigned to protect him is everything Liam wanted and needed—four years ago. Leaving the small island of sanity he’d been existing on could cost him everything. But being hunted by a genius, sadistic killer without the protection of the sexy, intense, agent was a guaranteed death sentence. Fate had dictated Liam’s course four years ago. The only thing he questioned was when his killer going to finish his work.

This is a M/M detective romance with high energy same sex relationships.

A Heart’s Desire is a crime drama through and through. If you are into grisly crimes full of gory details and like to actually get invested in the investigation process, then this is the ultimate book for you. This book is a thriller but there is romance too. We have a very broken/damaged, traumatized hero in desperate need of love and more importantly protection and on the other hand, we have a badass FBI agent who will do anything to keep his man safe. Mix these two amazing heroes with gory murders, a serial killer on the loose and a race to catch the psycho before time runs out and we have a gripping thriller/crime novel. I was glued to the book from start to finish. Thus needless to say, I LOVED IT!!!

Liam Mercier is the only living victim of a serial killer who tortured him for 13 days before getting caught. Now after 5 years Stuart Miller, the sadistic serial killer has escaped and his ultimate goal is to finish what he started with Liam but could not get done. Special Agent Steele McKenzie is the lead of the serial killer task force of FBI, in charge of catching Miller. He is ordered by his superiors to blackmail Liam into agreeing to be the bait to catch Miller. After meeting Liam, Steele’s protective feelings towards him comes out in full force. After enduring the 13 days from hell, what is left of Liam is the shell of the intelligent and strong man he used to be. He has overcome a lot to get back on his feet but as he is suddenly thrust back into his worst nightmare, and Liam desperately needs someone to protect him and love him to get through this ordeal in one piece. Steele sees the real man through the physical an emotional scars of Liam. He knows that he will do anything to protect his man but will Steele be able to catch Miller before he gets to Liam??? Read this adrenaline filled story to find out.

I love reading thrillers and crime novels with a solid plot and with an equally solid investigation team, and this book had it all. The plot is very expertly written with awesome crime details and a very efficient and no nonsense investigating team trying their absolute best to catch a psycho.

This read was action packed with gruesome murders and absolutely no holding off on the details. The various nuances of the investigation, specially Steele’s team and Liam’s insight into the killer’s mind was refreshingly real and believable. There was never a boring moment in this read.

Amidst all the gore and the danger, Steele and Liam’s romance just made this book a 5 star read for me. The relationship between them develops pretty fast but their connection was strong and beautiful. Steele was a badass when it came to protecting Liam or catching the bad guy and his soft/gentle/loving side made him the ultimate boyfriend for the broken and vulnerable Liam. The fit together like puzzle pieces. The heat and passion between them sizzled the pages big time.

The book had a good balance between the crime and the romance. Liam is shown struggling to overcome is mental trauma and his healing process is treated very realistically. At the end, Liam is not magically cured. He still have huge baggages and will probably have them his entire life but with Steele he has found his new normal without the fear and darkness that has ruled his life for 5 long years.

All in all, this book has everything for both readers looking for damaged hero romance or an adrenaline filled gory crime novel. It was an absolute win for me. I would recommend this book to one and all, specially the thriller lovers who are a stickler for details in their read. Hats off to the author for creating such a compelling story.


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Galley copy of A Heart’s Desire provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.