Deep in Your Shadows (The Village #2)

30645968Title: Deep in Your Shadows (The Village #2)
Author: Darien Cox
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary/Sci-Fi
Page Count: 262
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level:  4 flames out of 5
Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5

It’s been three months since the team were instructed to stay off the mountain, and Christian is going a little stir crazy. Until one rainy afternoon an object crashes into the water in Singing Bear Village, creating temporary chaos and confusion in the peaceful lakeside community. Given past events, Christian and his crew call Ogden, and their boss brings a specialized team to take over the situation, shutting out local law enforcement.

But Sheriff Myles Murphy doesn’t like being shut out, and is furious to have his authority superseded. Christian assures his boss that he can handle the local sheriff and assuage his suspicions, but it won’t be so easy. Because while Christian has harbored a secret crush on the man for two years, Sheriff Myles Murphy despises him.


I really consider Darien Cox to be one of my “crack” authors at this point. If he writes it, I will read it. This is not a standalone, and will make little sense if you haven’t read Book 1.

The chemistry in this book was smokin’! Christian has had a crush on Sheriff Myles for a while, but has kept his distance since he sees nothing but disdain in Myles’s eyes. Christian takes advantage of an opportunity and comes on a little strong. But once they hit go, these boys burn the sheets up!

When honesty means so much to one MC, and the other has no choice but to lie, the relationship could be crashing before it gets off the ground. But both of these men acknowledge that there is something about the other that NEITHER can stay away from. And once Christian is able to completely share details, things begin to accelerate for them.

Baz is back and he is more lovable than ever! He has a stronger and more prevalent role in this book, almost making me think he could get his own book……??? I don’t think I wanna go there, but it was cute to see his little crush on “chrischris.”

Fans of book 1 should definitely jump on this one immediately. If you haven’t read this series yet, I would definitely recommend.

The Village Series

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I love boys who love boys! I’m in my 30s, from the southern US, and my crack is m/m romance.

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