The Hardest Fall (PIU’s Review)

The Hardest Fall.Title: The Hardest Fall (Roadmap to Your Heart #3)
Author: Christina Lee
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 23rd, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Coming out
Page Count: 255
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Lee trades country ballads for show tunes in the next standalone book of her Roadmap to Your Heart series.

After licking his wounds from a painful relationship, Tate Sullivan is ready to move back home. He picks up where he left off as drag queen extraordinaire Frieda Love in a West Village bar in New York City. He doesn’t expect to be drawn to the mysterious man with the dark eyes who shows up to every single performance—flirtatiously eyeing Tate one second and disappearing on him the next. Why mess around with a guy who is clearly giving him mixed signals?

Sebastian Clark is on a mission the first night he shows up at Ruby Redd’s. He doesn’t anticipate his plan being flipped on its head by the charismatic drag queen and even more so by the mesmerizing man beneath the makeup. But the more he learns about the vibrant and brash Tate Sullivan the more intrigued he becomes. So he pushes aside his guilt about why he sought out the bar in the first place in order to get to know the guy behind the stilettos.

They’re opposites on many levels, but as Tate spends time volunteering with Sebastian at the shelter, he begins to feel good about himself in ways he hadn’t before. For Sebastian, Tate represents a sense of fun and freedom that is completely fresh and invigorating. Before they know it, their easy companionship catches fire, and Sebastian is kissing a man for the first time, while Tate is opening his heart to new possibilities. But Sebastian is still keeping a secret, and Tate will have to decide if he can trust again, or if the betrayal he feels from Sebastian’s confession is too much to overcome.

This story is seriously AMAZING. It is all about the feels and they struck right at my heart. This book was a lesson in love: If you love someone, then you need to love each and every aspect of the person, not just the one single part that is convenient. This is my second book by Christina Lee and she has done an outstanding job in creating the characters of Tate and Sebastian. They were the most adorable and sweetest couple with boatloads of love for each other.

Tate Sullivan, stage name Frieda Love is the gorgeous and stunning drag queen who has everybody clamoring to get a taste of her in the gay club, Ruby Redd. On each and every day she performs, Frieda never fails to notice the tall, dark and handsome stranger sitting in the bar, following her every move. Tate/Frieda approaches the guy, but in spite of being immensely attracted to this brooding stranger, he is almost sure that he is straight and Tate is in no way ready to get tangled with another gut who is surely in the closet. Tate has been hurt pretty badly in the past and he wants someone to accept ALL of him and not just her drag queen persona, Frieda Love. But even when Tate’s brain tells him to steer clear of Sebastian, his heart cannot stop pounding when he is near the guy. Sebastian and Tate struck up an unusual friendship which quickly turns into something more.
Sebastian seeks out Tate as the result of a request from a dying friend. He never expects to be attracted to the stunning drag queen from the moment he sets eye on him. His secret behind meeting Tate is pretty huge and Sebastian is sure it will push Tate away if he comes to know, but Sebastian cannot stay away from the guy. Sebastian has always dated girls and these intense and raw feelings for Tate brings on a huge identity crisis for him. But one thing Sebastian is absolutely sure of : He wants Tate badly!!!

The build up of all the feelings between Tate and Sebastian was the best part of the book. They hook up quite late in the story but when they do come together, they scorched the pages. Tate and Sebastian had an intense attraction from the start but self-preservation in case of Tate and guilt in case of Sullivan prevents them from acting on it. I melted when they had their first kiss. It was so “in the moment” and pretty HOT!!!

Sebastian is weighed down by his guilt from keeping the truth from Tate. After spending time with Tate, Sebastian is sure that he was the victim in his past relationship which angers him and intensifies his feelings for Tate. Sebastian is not only attracted to Frieda Love but also to Tate Sullivan, the man beneath the costume, wig and makeup.

Tate has been hurt bad in the past and he has sworn off relationships after that. But he could not stop himself from being drawn to the shy, compassionate and gorgeous Sebastian Clark.

Their connection was pretty obvious for anyone who saw them together. Both Sebastian and Tate’s friends were amazing in bringing the guys together. Generally, Coming out stories are very angsty with a lot of denial and drama but it was nothing like that in this read. Sebastian was confuse, YES but he was never in denial about his attraction towards Tate. He was more worried about Tate’s reaction to his connection to Tate’s past.

Bottom line, every romance lover needs to read this book. I strongly recommend this book to- anyone who wishes to read about a sweet and powerful romance between two of the sweetest m/m MCs ever. Tate and Sebastian will make you fall in love for sure!!!


Roadmap to Your Heart Series

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