The Back Passage (Mitch Mitchell Mystery #1)

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Title: The Back Passage (Mitch Mitchell Mystery #1)
Author: James Lear
Publisher: Cleis Press
Release Date: May 5, 2006
Genre(s): Gay Erotica, Gay Mystery
Page Count: 199
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Agatha Christie, move over! Hard-core sex and scandal meet in this brilliantly funny whodunit.

A seaside village, an English country house, a family of wealthy eccentrics and their equally peculiar servants, a determined detective — all the ingredients are here for a cozy Agatha Christie-style whodunit. But wait — Edward “Mitch” Mitchell is no Hercule Poirot, and The Back Passage is no Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Mitch is a handsome, insatiable 22-year-old hunk who never lets a clue stand in the way of a steamy encounter, whether it’s with the local constabulary, the house secretary, or his school chum and fellow athlete Boy Morgan, who becomes his Watson when they’re not busy boffing each other. When Reg Walworth is found dead in a cabinet, Sir James Eagle has his servant Weeks immediately arrested as the killer. But Mitch’s observant eye pegs more plausible possibilities: polysexual chauffeur Hibbert, queenly pervert Leonard Eagle, missing scion Rex, sadistic copper Kennington, even Sir James Eagle himself. Blackmail, police corruption, a dizzying network of spyholes and secret passages, watersports, and a nonstop queer orgy backstairs and everyplace else mark this hilariously hard-core mystery by a major new talent.


Witty, hot, clever and quite enjoyable for all parts of me.

For my part bellow the belt as well as for the upper regions of my body.

Crime and cocks.The best combination!

Downton Abbey meets Sherlock Holmes meets Agatha Christie!


An English country estate mystery with a hard-core sex!

Eagles family and their peculiar servants. Add an American Cambridge student as a amateur detective with an uncontrolled libido, a web of intrigues, dark family secrets, hot sex scenes, a lot of sex scenes, a well done mystery and a captivating writing and you have an imagination what this book is about.

For all fans of a gay porn erotica with a plot!

Mitch Mitchell Mystery Series

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