The Sun Goes Down (Mitch Mitchell Mystery #4)

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Title: The Sun Goes Down (Mitch Mitchell Mystery #4)
Author: James Lear
Publisher: Cleis Press
Release Date: June 14 , 2016
Genre(s): Gay Erotica, Gay Mystery
Page Count: 212
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Mitch Mitchell needs a vacation, and he is determined to make the most of his trip to the Mediterranean island of Gozo. Death never takes a break however, and at the behest of fellow doctor Bob Southern, Mitch soon finds himself investigating the demise of a young, gay lance corporal. The police have ruled it a suicide, but the young man’s boyfriend claims it was murder. Suspecting an official cover-up of a queer scandal, Mitch gets to work on an investigation that leads him into a labyrinth of lies, false identities and secret sex.

With tension, humor and plenty of Mitch Mitchell’s exuberant sexual encounters, The Sun Goes Down cranks up the Mediterranean heat for one of his most baffling and dangerous cases.

I don’t know what you felt when you turned the last page of A Sticky End, but I felt a bit sad because my our eventful adventure with Mitch Mitchell, amateur dick with a high testosterone and IQ level, came to the end.

And now – WHO COULD DREAM ABOUT IT?! – 10 years after the publication of Sticky End, a third book in the series, we’ve been amazed with The Sun Goes Down, a new book of Mitch Mitchell Mystery!

Of course I blamed one of the most beautiful island of the world (it moves immediately to the top of my MUST SEEN list) for having inspired the author to write the book 4…

l can well imagine how James Lear while strolling through the charming alleys and narrow streets of the old town Xlendi, looking at the calm blue waters, admiring a brilliant light of island sunset, enjoying fantastic meals and Maltese beer, came to the brilliant idea to “invite” Mitch to this island paradise, away from stuffy dirty London.

And it is exactly what happens: Frank Southern, an old friend of Mitch during the medical training and brigade surgeon to the garrison at Valletta, whom he haven’t seen since years, invites our Mitch to assist in a delicate professional matter. And honestly, there are worse places to be, than a beautiful Mediterranean island in the summertime, particularly one with a sizable military presence.

Mitch, single again, comes to the island full of hopes and expectations:

“Here on Gozo, surrounded by the darkly sparkling Homeric seas, under the broiling near-tropical sun, I might find adventure. Sex, for sure, with all those soldiers and sailors. Love, even, if I was lucky, but without the oppressive need to be faithful—it could only last as long as I stayed. And, I thought, fingering the pages of the Agatha Christie that lay unread in my lap, I might stumble upon a crime. The setting was perfect: picturesque enough for novelty, surrounded by water to limit escape, a place where people of all types came together, a melting pot.”

But Mitch was not the only one with high expectations.

I had either high expectations, and I assure you, I got EVERYTHING I wanted, and maybe even a little bit more.

    1) I like this new unknown side of Mitch. He starts to think about to fall in love, not just about fuck to get laid.
    2) And he became a bit sentimental and a tiny bit self-critical. Delicious!

Funny, sexy, murderous, entertaining, excellent written, with the particular charm of the beautiful surroundings and a very special Mediterranean atmosphere, this book, longingly awaited by all true Mitch and James Lear fans, is a pure MELTING reading pleasure!

Highly recommended!

You might wonder, why 4,5 stars and not 5? I found the VERY last part, when already everything was cleared up a bit too repetitive and too detailed. As an experienced reader of mystery books, I am able to make my own conclusions, there were just too many explanations for my taste. But it is only a tiny complaint. I love this book doesn’t matter what, it is why I rounded up to 5 stars.

P.S I LIKE this cover!!!

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