Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Volume 9

Title: Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Volume 9
Author: Cecilia Tan
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 29 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary 
Page Count: 354
Reviewed by: LenaLena
Heat Level:  2 flames out of 5
Rating:  5 stars out of 5

The year is 1991 and Daron Marks stands at a crucial crossroads in his career. He’s on tour with Nomad and his mentor Remo Cutler, but Ziggy wants him…as musical director, and more. Ziggy always wants more.

I have reviewed Volume 1-4 here. Volume 5 here. Volume 6 here. Volume 7 here, and Volume 8 here. So the only question that matters is: did this series tank all of a sudden? And the answer is no, no, it didn’t. It is just as moving, compelling and well written as before. You can’t possibly go wrong with Daron. The other question would be: is it done yet? And the answer is again, no. Thank god.

And I would like to add, as little as I begrudge anyone enjoying the fluffy stories of two-middle-class-gorgeous-white-boys-falling-in-(insta)-love that are so abundant in m/m these days, lord knows I love me some escapist literature too, to me it is the stories like Daron’s that are the backbone of the genre. Especially in the light of the tragedy at the Pulse in Orlando, these kind of books take on even more relevance.

You can read today’s interview with Daron here.


A riff, chorus and song concept came into my mind suddenly. “Flying Blind,” about trying to fly a plane or maybe land one with only someone’s voice on the radio to guide a pilot, but actually about that late-night Am radio signal being a lifeline whenyou’re a lost soul.

And actually about having no fucking clue where a relationship is going but still doing everything possible not to let it crash and burn.

Daron’s Guitar Chronicles

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