Unraveling Josh by Edie Danford

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Title: Unraveling Josh
Author: Edie Danford
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 1st 2016
Genre(s): New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 400 pages
Reviewed by: Lili
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

When the crown prince of bad boys hooks up with his former high school crush, he’s after just one kind of happy ending.

Nick McQueen just scored the perfect hookup—Ellery College ski champion, Joshua Pahlke. What better way for Nick to prove his transformation from high school loser to sexy sinner? He’ll gift golden-boy Josh with the hottest, dirtiest sex of his life and then leave him begging for more.

But his definition of happiness is about to change…

Josh needs to blow off steam. He’s spent years pushing himself in academics and sports, but nagging injuries and career doubts have him craving a new challenge. Nick might be the key—he sure as hell turns Josh’s crank. Josh eagerly rises to the task of winning over moody-broody Nick. But when new love and old secrets change the rules of their game, “winning” takes on a whole new meaning.


So I read Unraveling Josh on a whim after a trusted reading buddy loved it (Thank you,J!). Lately, books that I purchase I don’t often review or of I do- it’s a super quick: loved it or didn’t. Unraveling Josh though forced me because I adored it! It’s so well written and full of feeling it makes me want to shout how much I enjoyed it and recommend it to everybody.

In this story, we have Josh and Nick. They grew up in the same town but due to their age difference and interests didn’t move in the same circles. But that didn’t stop Nick from having a huge crush on Josh during his teen years. Josh was loved by all for being a great guy and athlete. Sadly Nick’s experience in school was different than Josh’s. Fast forward years later and the two meet again by chance.

What I loved:

    -JOSH!!!! I love you!!!! There are many adjectives to describe him: sweet, adorable, genuine, caring, and sexy. This man was the COMPLETE package.
    -Nick. You know, yes he was immature, but I forgave him. He made some mistakes- but don’t we all? And more importantly- he learned from them. I think he could get a bad rap from some readers understandably so, but I have nothing but love for him. The most important thing to me is that he did have a kind heart. He’s a good guy that just needed to find his way. In fact, this book should’ve been titled Unraveling Nick instead.
    -Alternating POVs- my favorite!
    -Relationship development was excellent!
    -Flawless pace. I was worried at first when I saw the page count, but the story just got better and better as it progressed. It didn’t feel like a 400-page book. At. All.
    -The angst. Yes, there was drama but-
    1. It was expected
    2. It was handled superbly.
    -Excellent chemistry between Josh and Nick- in the bedroom but most importantly out of it, too.
    -The end. LOVED it! ♥

**I do want to add a side note about Pete (Nick’s friend). I borderline hated him, but I’m dying for a book about his character! I’m praying he gets his story next!

As far as this being a part of a series- can it be read as a standalone? Yes, I haven’t read the previous books and never felt lost.

I initially rated this book 4.5 Stars, but as I type this, I find myself reliving the story and getting all amped up. I’m increasing it to a full five. Any book that can cause me to lose sleep, struggle not to cry in public, and leave me happy deserves all the stars! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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