Hiatus (Kristin’s Review)

Title: Hiatus
Author: LA Witt
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Release Date: July 19, 2016
Genre(s): M/M/M/ Menage
Page Count: 244
Reviewed by: Kristin
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Three’s a disaster when things come unraveled.

Rock star Nate Keller is on top of the world, but his headlining tour has one drawback. It keeps him away from his boyfriends, Theo and Cameron, for weeks at a time. Yet after four-and-a-half years—and a lot of hard work—the trio is still going strong.

But then Cam comes to visit with devastating news. After seventeen years together, he and Theo have agreed to a trial separation. Nate tries desperately to fix his lovers’ broken relationship, but there’s only so much he can do from the road.

At home, Cam tries to carry on, but feels like his whole life is spiraling out of control. Theo struggles to cope with the split as his depression worsens. They’re both spinning their wheels, quickly losing hope they can keep it together—and keep the man they both still love.

Desperate, Nate drops everything in a last-ditch attempt to pull their trio back together before they hit rock bottom. Except their love could already be shattered beyond repair.

Warning: Contains two men who must face how broken they are before they can fix their failing marriage, and the man who loves them both—but doesn’t know how to save them.

Blurb sums up the plot line aptly, so I won’t re-hash.

I really enjoyed how this book was written, how the author was able to capture the complexities of two people in a trio breaking-up and how no matter what they do, the third is in a bad position. The analogy to a divorce was apt – yes, Cam and Theo still love Nate, but no matter what Nate does to keep things “equal”, someone is going to be hurt even unintentionally. Ultimately, everyone ends up hurting.

Switching between all three characters point of view really made for a balanced and well written plot, giving the reader a chance to see what each guy is going through individually, how he see’s his partners and the situation, while slowing dropping tidbits the reader picks up on but the characters take longer to see or figure out.

Where I struggled with this book was Cam’s OCD, and this is probably because I have had direct experience with someone who was manic/depressive with obsessive compulsive disorder. I know each situation is different, but I was still left somewhat uncomfortable with the use of OCD. Oddly, the anxiety and panic attacks sat okay with me, but Cam’s anxiety manifesting as obsessive compulsive and Cam’s ‘discovery’ of his mental illness left me vaguely uneasy. It was a bit too much like waving a wand and all was revealed and fixable.

But the rest? Oh yeah, the rest was good. Really good. I thought Nate’s emotional roller coaster was the strongest, starting from the first plunging drop with Cam’s solo announcement, through the little rollers in between, and Nate’s ultimate decision to do what he needed to do to protect himself, his band, and his career. It was a series of heart breaking ups and downs that were very well written.

Other than my issue with Cam’s OCD, the resolution was most satisfactory. And if you aren’t fanning yourself from the smokin’ sex? You might want to check your pulse…. Hot! Hot! Hot!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of HIATUS provided by SAMHAIN PUBLISHING in exchange of an honest review.

A well written book about three men desperately in love with each other, but when forces beyond their control take over, they can't help each other until they figure out how to help themselves.

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