Release Me

29610761Title: Release Me (The Music Within, #2)
Author: Faith Gibson
Publisher: Bramblerose Press
Release Date: April 30, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary/Cowboy/Rock Star
Page Count: 253
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level:  5 flames out of 5
Rating:  2 stars out of 5

Fifteen Years…

For fifteen years, Cade Anderson, drummer for the world-famous rock band 7’s Mistress, has been in love with his best friend, the band’s lead singer. Even though it’s been years since they were lovers, Cade still wants the man. When his best friend falls in love with someone else, life as Cade knows it is over. The band breaks up and Cade has to figure out how to move on.

Ten Years…

For ten years, Mal Wilson has hidden who he really is from the small-minded people of Arlo, Kentucky. The family farm is dwindling down to nothing, and the bar he owns is draining him dry. When it looks like he’s going to lose both, Mal has to figure out where to go from here.

Three Months…

For three months, Cade has been drinking and f*cking his way across the country, trying to forget about his former friend and lover. When he finds himself at a redneck joint in the middle of nowhere, he is drawn to the handsome roughneck tending bar. Something in the man stirs Cade for the first time in years.

One Night…

When Mal ends up in a hotel room with the handsome blond man who sat in his bar for hours, the man asks for one night together. When Mal wakes up, he knows that one night will never be enough, but it has to be.

Two men…

One musician, rich and famous, out and proud of his sexuality. One cowboy, poor as the dirt under his boots, hiding who he is from the world. It’ll never work. Or will it?

Release Me is a love story between a hard rockin’ drummer and a hard workin’ cowboy.

Okay……..I made it all the way through. I didn’t DNF.

And I suspect it’s a case of it’s me and not the book. We all have our tastes, right? The type of writing and stories that we flock to and those we just stay the hell away from.

Me? My tastes are simple tales of everyday people where authors really spend time on character building and relationship building. There needs to be some angst, and there needs to be a HEA. And, above all, there needs to be REALISM in my romance. That’s the good stuff that I gravitate to, with little exception.

What doesn’t work for me is contrived drama. What doesn’t work for me is soap opera bullshit. What doesn’t work for me is cheese, cheese, and more cheese. And what doesn’t work for me is too much sex when it seems like a filler for the actual relationship-building that the author should be doing instead. Gasp! Now wait – I am a perv and I want my smexy times aplenty – don’t get me wrong. But not when the author can’t be taxed to tell the damn story and build the damn relationship. And, so help me God, if I read the word “pucker” one more time, I was going to vomit.

But I digress. This story had way too much unrealism for me. And way too much cheese. And way too much contrived, soap opera-esque drama. This book reminds me a lot of those that I’ve read in the past by Kindle Alexander and Felice Stephens. So if you like those authors, I would recommend this to you and your tastes. You will love the hell out of this.


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