Midlife Crisis (LenaR’s Review)

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Title: Midlife Crisis
Author: Rob Rosen
Publisher: Fierce Publishing
Release Date: August 20, 2016
Genre(s): MM Romance, Romantic comedy, Suspense
Page Count: 182
Reviewed by:LenaRibka
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Jack is thirty-five and single once again. He is not, as he as quick to point out, going through a midlife crisis. Still, it would be nice to have a partner. And so he sets out on an adventure to find the one-time love of his life, Bing, a man he hasn’t set eyes on in more than fifteen years, a man who has seemingly vanished off the face of the planet. With the help of his family and friends—plus the family dog and, of all people, his high school bully—he goes searching for Bing, only to unearth an ages-old mystery that puts them all in grave danger. In this hysterically funny tale of romance and self-discovery, the question remains right on up to the surprise ending: can we return to our past in order to better our future?

Jack is a 35 year old college professor and unwanted single. Again. Not that his last boyfriend of 6 months was his dream man – actually he has mixed feeling about their break up: relief and concern. Because

a good fuck is not the same thing as a good relationship.

And at thirty-five Jack wishes for nothing more in his life than to find Mister Right. At last. Like Monroe, his best friend since after college, who is happily married and ten pounds overweight (but since he is already married and doesn’t have to worry about).

I think we all have situations or just moments in our lives, when we wonder how our first love/date/kiss/sex is doing? Is he/she happy and how it would be to meet her/him again?

What If?

It is exactly what Jack thinks in the aftermath of the recent relationship crisis.

Bing O’Malley was his first kiss, first fuck, fist boyfriend. He hasn’t thought of him in years, and now, going through the photo albums (with Monroe), he suddenly realizes that they have never actually broken up, Bing went to college, Jack went to college, they left their home town and since then never spoke again. But what if Bing is single now and what if he is THIS Mister Right? What if the first love is our last one?

I am envy of college professors/teachers because they have summers free.
The fact that Jack became single in the beginning of summer gives him a splendid possibility to go back to his home city to find Bing.

What seemed like an easy summer-searching-for-the first-love fun at the beginning turned into a case full of secrets, lost endings, withheld information and life-threatening danger. And not only for Jack, but also for his parents! Murder mystery sends its greetings!

Without giving too much away, what will happen to Jack:

    He’ll find Bing
    Jack will fall in love
    Jack will be in deadly peril

I adore the first half of the book, but I have a problem with HOW the events developed in the second part of the book, and how the story ended. I had more eye-roll-moments later than laugh-moments. I think it is a matter of taste, and I can’t blame the author for lack of imagination, but I personally don’t like how he interpreted a comedy genre. You might find it creative and clever, I found it kinda a turn off.

But it is my subjective opinion.

All in all: If you’re looking for something hilarious(the first part of the book) and murderous(that is mostly the second part of the book), you should give it a go.

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Galley copy of Midlife Crisis provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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