All Note long (Vallie’s Review)

all note long
Title: All Note Long
Author: Annabeth Albert
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 320
Reviewed by: Vallie
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Giving true love a spin . . .

Michelin Moses is a country music star on the rise. With a hit single under his Texas-sized belt buckle and a sold-out concert tour underway, his childhood dreams of making it big are finally coming true. But there’s one thing missing—a promise to his dying mother that he’d find it—him—when the time was right. With a little luck, he won’t have to wait too long . . .

Lucky Ramirez is a hunky boy toy who dances at The Broom Closet, one of West Hollywood’s hottest gay bars. He loves what he does, and he’s good at it—almost as good as he is at playing dumb when he spots Michelin Moses at the bar. What happens next is off the charts—and keeps Michelin coming back for more. He’s just not sure it’s the right move for his career. But if Lucky gets his way, Michelin will get Lucky—and no matter how the media spins it, neither of them will be faking it . . .

Well damn. This is the first book by Annabeth Albert that I actually disliked. I had so much hope for Michelin and after reading the first chapter of his book at the end of Book 2 of the series, I was really stoked. Alas, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

I thought Michelin was much older when I first “met” him in the other books of the series. He came off as super confident, in-the-know, and completely on top of his game and his stardom. The Michelin I got to know in this book was a completely different character –very withdrawn, almost isolated, battling anxiety that causes him to stutter, and severely insecure. Oh, and in the closet.

Lucky is the complete opposite. He is a go-go dancer at this swanky club but the boy has brains, talent, and a life goal. Circumstances and pure greediness on Lucky’s colleagues’ part lead to Lucky agreeing to become Michelin’s pretend boyfriend after Michelin is outed.

The pretend boyfriend trope itself did not bother me. The way it was executed did.

I could not feel the passion or the chemistry between Michelin and Lucky. Michelin was really putting his foot in it all the freaking time, offending Lucky without meaning to and giving way too much leeway to his management team to call the shots. Lucky was really decent about it all, I think, and besides drawing the lines he would not cross in order to preserve his self-respect, he was actually quite easy-going about everything.

They did not give off sparks as a couple and I kept thinking that Lucky deserves better and Michelin should just man up and deal with the situation. If Michelin had not been outed, I would have been more sympathetic towards him. But the cat’s outta the bag, and you’re still pussy-footing around everyone? I get that it was still difficult to accept the new status quo and handle the fallout with the fans, etc, but I was frustrated with him for the majority of the book for not being this big persona that he was presented as in previous books.

That all being said, I think this really is a matter of preference. Annabeth Albert is a skilled writer. The writing is good. The characters emote. They reach their HEA and it’s good. But I did not like where the plot was going and I think I had something different in my head about how the story would develop.

So yeah. It might be a matter of me not you here.

Most of my friends on GR really liked this one so I won’t discourage anyone from reading. It just did not work for me.

Perfect Harmony Series

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