Crisped + Sere (Parvathy’s Review)

Crisped + Sere
Title: Crisped + Sere (Immemorial Year #2)
Author: T.J. Klune
Publisher: DSP Publications
Release Date: August 23, 2016
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Dystopian
Page Count: 381
Reviewed by: Parvathy
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Sequel to Withered + Sere

Twenty-one days.

In a world ravaged by fire and descending into madness, Cavalo has been given an ultimatum by the dark man known as Patrick: return Lucas to him and the cannibalistic Dead Rabbits, or the town of Cottonwood and its inhabitants will be destroyed.

But Lucas has a secret embedded into his skin that promises to forever alter the shape of things to come—a secret that Cavalo must decide if it’s worth dying over, even as he wrestles with his own growing attraction to the muted psychopath.

Twenty-one days.

Cavalo has twenty-one days to prepare for war. Twenty-one days to hold what is left of his shredded sanity together. Twenty-one days to convince the people of Cottonwood to rise up and fight back. Twenty-one days to unravel the meaning behind the marks that cover Lucas.

A meaning that leads to a single word and a place of unimaginable power: Dworshak.

Crisped + Sere is the raw, gritty, gruesome, action packed sequel to Withered + Sere which will grab you captive and won’t let you keep the book down till the last word. The book is dark and the world the book set in as well. The author has crafted a story which is equal parts gruesome and equal parts fascinating and will make you turn every page in breathless anticipation.

Cavalo and Lucas have 21 days to fight Patrick. Failure is not an option and they have to win at any cost. The author has continued the story right from where Withered + Sere left off and the book moves in a fast paced manner and continues the story forward. This emotions portrayed in the story, the people, the world in fact everything is dark and tinged with a little insanity. The world is different and the normal laws don’t apply there. Survival is the key and people would go any extend for that. The world and the story will leave you feeling breathless due to the intensity of the darkness, depravity and gruesomeness. What I loved the most was the almost understated love story of Cavalo and Lucas. Theirs was not a flowers and rainbow kinda love story, but one which is as dark, gritty, intense, gruesome and insane as the world they inhibit. The way they express how much they mean to each other were through their actions and not words. There is plenty of action in the story and the story moves at a fast pace. The author has mixed elements of suspense, action, love and darkness to create a beautifully insane story which will make you feel as if you are right there in the story with the characters. I loved the bonding between Mad Dog, Cavalo, Lucas and SIRS and what I loved the most was the epilogue. What I also liked about the book is that the author has left somethings unexplained and subject to readers perception. I felt that it was really fitting for the story. This book took me on a journey which left me truly breathless and mind-fucked by the emotions and the characters and the world the book is set in.

Crisped + Sere is yet another masterpiece by T.J Klune which will leave you feeling a little insane as the world the story is set in. This book is dark, raw, gritty, gruesome and full of emotions. This book is a carefully crafted masterpiece worth venturing into and getting lost in. If you expect T.J. Klune’s usual love story be prepared to be completely surprised and yet utterly fascinated. Read this book for a truly unforgettable experience..!!!

Immemorial Year Series

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Galley copy of Crisped + Sere provided by DSP Publications in exchange of an honest review.


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