Real World (PIU’s Review)

Real World.Title: Real World (Love is Blind #2)
Author: B.A Tortuga
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 15th August, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Family, Ex-military
Page Count: 290
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Dan White is trying to acclimate to civilian life after a long career in the military with multiple combat deployments.

Now he’s home in the Austin area, living with his brother Dixon, Dixon’s husband, Audie, and their two nine-year-olds. During the New Year celebration, Dan meets Abraham Weldon, and the connection is instant.

There’s a kiss. There’s a dance. There’s a proposition.

Then Dan finds out Weldon is bisexual.

And a dad.

With five kids. Five kids, one of whom is a blind fifteen-year-old.

Weldon has been in love twice in his life—with his high school best friend, Blake, and with his wife, Krista, who he met in a Dairy Queen as she was crying over a positive pregnancy test. Love number three hits Weldon like a hammer when he meets Dan.

But since Dan isn’t interested in a guy with kids, they might only get one night together.

“Real World” by B.A. Tortuga is the second novel in the “Love is Blind” series. The previous story is about one “White” brother finding his HEA and in this book it is the turn for “Dan White”, an ex-military trying to adjust to his new life as a civilian and also falling in love. It can be read as a standalone. Dan’s brother and his partner are a big part of this book and readers who have read the previous one will get a follow up on the beautiful couple’s life after the first book.

This book had a very impressive bunch of characters who are children but have the highest impact on the story and the romance. Abraham Weldon’s 5 kids were adorable and the life of the book. They were not used just as props in the read. They are very much involved in the story.

Weldon is a single dad who has lost his wife three years ago. His day to day struggles trying to juggle his work, a budding romance and raising 5 kids was what made this story a lot different from any other M/M romances out there. Weldon always loves with his whole heart and they are generally the “forever” kind. He wants Dan badly and knows deep in his heart that it could turn into more than a few casual hook-ups but Dan’s reluctance to get involved with a single dad, sets their romance back a bit. But as Dan starts to get more involved with his kids, Weldon’s hope for a future with Dan grows.

Dan is an ex-military who is trying very hard to adjust to his civilian life. He is a little adrift and Weldon with his 5 kids was the perfect anchor he needed to start his life anew. Dan loves his brother’s kids but he is not sure at the start if he wants to be tied to a man, whose first priority will always be his kids. But his attraction to Weldon surpasses all his doubts and worries. He soon becomes the superhero “Dan-Dan” to Weldon’s kids and he could not be happier.

This book is a very apt portrayal of a life of a single parent trying to find love. Family is the main aspect of this book. The romance works around the demands of nurturing a family. It was very realistic and I liked it a lot.

My one complaint was the conversationalist way of telling the story. I got a headache following the rapid fire conversations among all the characters. There was very little prose and huge amounts of dialogues which made the read a little cluttered.

Bottom line, this book is one of the best stories portraying a realistic romance in midst of a big family. There was no angst and the romance develops seamlessly with the relationship among Dan and Weldon’s kids.

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