Wrenches, Regrets, & Reality Checks (PIU’s Review)

Wrenches, Regrets, & Reality Checks.Title: Wrenches, Regrets, & Reality Checks (Wrench Wars #3)
Author: L.A. Witt
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 31st August, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Novella
Page Count: 67
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

2nd Edition

When Reggie’s garage became part of a popular reality show, business went through the roof. And he supposes having his shop in the black is a fair trade for jumping through the network’s hoops.

As the show’s lowest-ranking producer, Wes is tasked with proposing a new spin-off show to Reggie. The sexy mechanic makes him sweat on a normal day, but this time, Wes is holding cards he can’t show. With execs breathing down his neck, he’s expected to pitch a show Reggie will never agree to do, even if his rejection puts his existing show on the line.

The network is counting on Reggie refusing to sign. But they’re not counting on their messenger falling for the man they’re trying to fire.

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press, 2015.

“Wrenches, Regrets & Reality Checks” by L.A Witt is the third book in the “Wrench Wars” series. The story is set at the same garage as the previous novella “Normal Enough”. This time the MCs are the ruggedly sexy and deliciously greasy garage owner, Reggie and the producer of the Wrench Wars show with a crush, Wes. This too has an HFN ending and although not over the top good, it was entertaining.

Wes has been given the impossible job to get Reggie, agree to do a spin-off show of the Wrench War series. In short he needs to convince Reggie to relinquish his hold on his garage or it will get axed from the show. Well it’s not something new in the ruthless world of entertainment but the one major problem is Wes has a huge crush on Reggie and he does not want him to be booted off his own garage.

Reggie is tired of all the drama and headache that comes with the reality show but he needs the show to keep his business afloat. Though he plays hard ass with the producers and director all the time, the ironclad contract is his only security against the cutthroat network execs. But when the network comes up with a devious plan to get him off the show, the contract is the only thing that is stopping him from saying no. Reggie knows that Wes is just the messenger plus he harbors a secret crush on the guy too. He is sure Wes is straight and except the fantasy of bedding Wes in his head, he can’t do more. So when a drunk Wes lets out that he is hot for Reggie, what can poor Reggie do??? Reggie needs to come up with a plan to defeat the network and also a way to make Wes his. Will he succeed??? Read to find out!!!

This story is pretty cut and dried. Wes and Reggie are on the opposite sides of the battle and they make an unlikely couple. But passion wins over. Wes is also a good guy and he does not want Reggie to be strong armed into the ridiculous spin off. Plus, seeing Reggie getting wooed by gorgeous women is not something Wes wants to watch on TV. And this is before he knew Reggie is gay. After the truth comes out, all bets are off.

In between some steamy bedroom action, Reggie and Wes are able to come up with a plan to save Reggie’s garage and start something new between them.

It’s a novella so the story is not that descriptive but the plot and the execution of it was pretty creative. I liked the ending. It was not something different but I found this book a huge improvement over the previous novella. The starting and progress of the relationship was satisfactory and the sexy times were HOT. So, yeah it was an ok read.

Wrench Wars Series

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