Model Citizen (Haven Investigations #1))

Title: Model Citizen (Haven Investigations #1)
Author: Lissa Kasey and Mike Pohlable (Narrator)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: July 26, 2016
Genre(s): Mystery/Suspense
Length: 7 hrs and 53 mins
Reviewed by: Steph
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Oliver “Ollie” Petroskovic’s life as an international supermodel was heading in the right direction. He worked part-time for his brother at his detective agency—Petroskovic Haven Investigations—and had just bought his dream house. But all that changed when he found his brother dead, a victim of PTSD-induced suicide.

Almost a year later, Ollie is trying to keep his brother’s business afloat, but can’t get his PI license. Then his brother’s best friend, Kade Alme, shows up, fresh from the battlefield after a close brush with death. Kade is looking for a new life, in more ways than one, and with PI license in hand, he’s exactly what Ollie needs to keep PHI running.

When one of Ollie’s childhood friends gets in trouble, Ollie feels he has to help. Kade insists on investigating if only to keep Ollie safe. Neither realizes the danger they’re in as someone tries to tear them apart before they can find solid ground together.

The Story
On the day that International model, Oliver “Ollie” Petroskovic ends up buying a fixer upper of a house for him and his brother Nathan, is the same day that his brother takes his life. This leaves Ollie with a house in need of repairs and Petroskovic Haven Investigations; Nathan’s PI business. Fast forward eight months after his brothers’ PTSD-induced suicide, Ollie is struggling to keep things afloat. He is carrying on in his brother’s place at PHI, but not being a licensed PI limits him to the type of jobs he can take on.

Medically discharged, Kade Alme is trying to build a new life for himself outside the Marines, and he would like it to included Ollie. See, he has always had a thing for his best friend’s younger brother, so when Ollie is in need of a licensed PI, Kade comes to his rescue. Sadly, Ollie believes given time, everyone will eventually leave. It doesn’t help that his parents died when he was fourteen, then his boyfriend cheated on him and then there’s the death of his brother. You can see why Ollie would put up a barrier to protect himself.

When he receives a call from the hospital about childhood friend, Donovan Reed, Ollie feels the need to help out. Soon after looking into his friend’s accident, weird and horrible things start to happen. It doesn’t help that Ollie seems to attract danger everywhere he goes; even with Kade close by.

In the end, the case gets solved and both Ollie and Kade get their HFN. Just a FYI, this is a “sort of” cliffhanger. However, do not fret. It does not involve the MC’s relationship at all.

I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook! Seriously, what’s not to like when a book contains: lots of manties and an online reality sex show. There is so much going on in this book, you will not want to put it down. Not to mention how developed the characters are in the book.

I cannot wait for the next in the series, which I’m told will be out in October.

The Narrator
OMG, I love this narrator! Mike Pohlable, has a wide range of voices for the characters in this book, it is unbelievable. Seriously everyone character, male and female, is very distinct; which is really nice when determining which character is speaking. To top it off, he puts a lot of emotion into his work that really makes this audiobook wonderful. IMO, I would put him in the same vicinity as Robert Petkoff.

Haven Investigations Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Model Citizen provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


I love reading books about boys who love other boys <3. Sometimes there is a HEA or HFN, but sometimes it just is. Yes, I love all outcomes even it is not what I hoped for. We all need a good cry from time to time. As you can probably can tell, I love cliffhangers as well. Yeah, I am one of those people :) I read a variety of genres, whether it is dark/taboo, historical, shifters, GFY, SciFi, mysteries/thrillers; I love it all.