Kyle (PIU’s Review)

Title: Kyle (Legacy Ranch #1)
Author: R.J. Scott
Publisher: Love Lane Books Limited
Release Date: 31st August, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Healing, Abuse
Page Count: 150
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Two men destroyed by the past learn to live—and love—again.

Kyle Braden has nowhere else to go. With no money and no prospects, he turns to the only man who promises him help. Jack Campbell-Hayes wants to show Kyle that he can be more than he ever thought.

Kyle begins to see how far he’s come from being the scarred man who shut everyone out, when the first person through the doors of Legacy Ranch is Jason; a young man with nightmares that follow him when he’s awake.

Lost in the system and with three years on the streets marking every inch of his body, Jason Smith is scared. His life is an evil mess of hate and despair, and even the offer of a fresh start and a clean bed isn’t enough for him feel safe. Until Kyle comes into his life and shows him that it’s okay not to be in control.

For these broken men, Legacy Ranch offers more than a place to live and work.

It offers hope.

A new story set in the world of Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes and the Double D Ranch, Texas.

Kyle by R.J Scott is the first book of the “Legacy Ranch” series, a spin-off of the “Texas” series. It’s about the new Legacy Ranch, brain child of Jack Campbell Hayes. Its main purpose is to rehabilitate and support youth who are in desperate need of a safe and stable place to heal. It was a very emotional read with very damaged and broken characters, trying to find their new normal.

Jason is the new addition to the Legacy Ranch. He has been brought in by a friend of Jack. Jason has been living in the streets for many years and he works as a rent boy to earn enough money to keep his belly full and maybe save for a new life in a new city. When a friend dies horribly in his arms, Jason is sucked into the system from where he lands in the Legacy Ranch. He is resentful and suffering and completely lost. He has bouts of depressions which draw him in and he struggles through the “Darkness” everyday. When Jason comes to the ranch, he lashes out constantly. He antagonizes Jack all the time but not one soul is ready to give up on him. Jason has a tent of his own and enough food and in exchange he just has to work hard and play nice with the foreman, Kyle. Thus starts the story of two broken and damaged young men who work through their issues one day at a time and heal through Love and acceptance.

Kyle and Jason both had very horrible and abusive pasts. Both always expects the worse of everyone, who are trying to help them but with time they realize that they genuinely want to help without wanting anything in return. The start for these two men is rocky. They are both wary of each other and fragile. They don’t trust each other at the beginning but as time passes they begin to feel a kinship through their similar experiences and scars.

I loved how the relationship between Jason and Kyle progresses. There were no mushy feelings or instant lust or insta feelings. They struggle hard to find an equilibrium. Kyle learns to read Jason’s darkness episodes and help him cope whereas Jason provides a one of kind comfort to the emotionally damaged and socially awkward Kyle.

This story was very difficult to read at times. Kyle’s abusive past is revealed a little at a time to the readers and it broke my heart. There was very little romance of the flowery kind. Jason and Kyle are not normal individuals and the way the author has created the budding relationship between the men was so realistic and beautiful. They had issues to get intimate physically and they work through that in their own pace which was amazing and so brave of them. Their efforts and struggle to overcome their past and to live and love was commendable.

At the end Jason and Kyle have not healed completely and maybe they never will but they have each other to love and cherish and a crack at living a life with love and acceptance and support.

Readers need to start with the Texas series to get a better grasp on the various characters and couples associated with the Double D Ranch. This read can be read as a standalone but at the end the supporting characters will peek your interest to go back and read their stories as well.

Kyle is a very beautiful book about healing and love. It’s the start of an amazing series. I know that the pain/abuse factor will play a major role in this series but their happy endings is a huge incentive to go forward with the stories of these broken and damaged young men.

Legacy Series

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Review copy of Kyle provided by Love Lane Books Limited in exchange of an honest review.