Optical Illusion (PIU’s Review)

Optical Illusion.Title: Optical Illusion (Paint #1)
Author: Emma Jaye
Publisher: Purindoors Publications
Release Date: 1st sept, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Healing, Abuse
Page Count: 251
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Smile, wiggle, lie, apologise, and run for the hills.

That’s the formula Chris has used all his life, but this time, he has something he’s never had to lose before, a family that cares. The problem is, his new brother’s very edible friend isn’t fooled by his act. If his secrets are revealed, they won’t want him and he has nowhere else to go.

Thanks to a suicide bomber, ex-military police sergeant Jase Rosewood is back in the English countryside. His plans for quiet recuperation are ruined by the effervescent, go-go dancing twink who has everyone wrapped around his little finger. Luckily for the gullible Matt, Jase can smell a liar a mile away, and Chris Bacon, if that’s even his name, stinks to high heaven. Assigned ‘Chris-sitting’ duty while Matt’s on honeymoon, Jase has a week to discover what is hidden beneath the bright camouflage. It’s a job, just like any other, so why does it feel so different?
Unfortunately, Jase isn’t the only one drawn to the boy who can’t stay still, but instead of wanting to reveal his true colours; they want to dull them forever.

Contains issues of physical abuse, but not between the central couple.

“Optical Illusion” is a fantastic read with very unique characters, who will light up your day and also make your heart hurt. It’s about healing and abuse and family and more importantly LOVE at its glorious form. I went in with very high hopes and I was not disappointed one bit.

Jase Rosewood has been in love with his straight best friend, Matt from the very beginning. When his hopes to win Matt’s love romantically crashes and burns, Jase joins the military. An accident overseas destroys his career and the military leaves him with no choice but to retire. He comes back home to attend Matt’s wedding as his best man. That’s where he meets Chris Bacon (a.k.a Crispy Bacongiggles), Matt’s long lost brother and the life of the party. Jase is instantly interested and Chris does not delay to develop a crush on the gruff soldier. Matt leaves Chris under Jase’s care when he leaves for his honeymoon. Jase’s protective instincts come out in full force as he tries to figure out the enigma that is Chris. No one knows about his life before Chris meets Matt and Jase will try his best to unravel Chris’s mystery and protect him from himself. Chris is always “ON” but behind his cheery façade and ever present smile lies in despicable pain and suffering and Jase is the only man who can heal, protect and Love him like he deserves.

I have never read about any other character like “Chris”. He was cheeky and fun and always ready with a sexual innuendo, which frustrated Jase to no end. But there was so much going on behind his made-up lively appearance. His childhood was like the house of horrors. He has abandonment issues and sex is nothing but a currency to him. Chris had gone through so much in his short life but he never stops to provide happiness to others. He was both so strong and vulnerable at the same time. He needed someone like Jase to ground him and cherish him and provide him with a steady life filled with Love.

This read has a lot of abuse and rape so please proceed with caution. My heart bled for Chris when he goes through so much pain. He is precious and I loved him with my whole heart. At times I felt like giving him a bear hug and holding him tight to soothe his suffering. Jase made an excellent match for Chris. He truly understood Chris. Though his over protective nature creates a little discord between the couple, I have full faith that they can weather anything to get their HEA.

The author did an awesome job in portraying Chris’s condition and the various coping mechanisms that he has developed on his own to survive. He is a handful and Jase has his work cut out for him. And, Chris is totally worth it.

This story is dark and at times really painful but Chris is the one shiny light who made me keep on reading. He is unique and innocent and so very beautiful.

Apart from Jase, all the other characters including Jase’s family, Matt, Matt’s new family, his employees and even Chris’s co-workers made an amazing support group. I would love to read more about the sexy paramedic Nate’s HEA.

You will truly miss out if you do not read this heart wrenching story. It will make you cry and also make you laugh. The ending ends in a huge cliffhanger which almost gave me a heart attack but I am one of the lucky ones to have received an advance copy of the next book for reviewwink YAY!!! Don’t worry, the next book will come out pretty soon so do not delay in experiencing this brilliant story ASAP.

Highly Recommended!!!

Paint Series

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Review copy of Optical Illusion provided by Purindoors Publications in exchange of an honest review.

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