Can’t Live Without You (PIU’s Review)

Can't Live Without You.Title: Can’t Live Without You
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 12th sept, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Second-Chance Romance, Hollywood
Page Count: 193
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Justin Hawthorne worked hard to realize his silver-screen dreams, making his way from small-town Pennsylvania to Hollywood and success. But it hasn’t come without sacrifice. When Justin’s father kicked him out for being gay, George Miller’s family offered to take him in, but circumstances prevented it. Now Justin is back in town and has come face to face with George, the man he left without so much as a good-bye… and the man he’s never stopped loving.

Justin’s disappearance hit George hard, but he’s made a life for himself as a home nurse and finds fulfillment in helping others. When he sees Justin again, George realizes the hole in his heart never mended, and he isn’t the only one in need of healing. Justin needs time out of the public eye to find himself again, and George and his mother cannot turn him away. As they stay together in George’s home, old feelings are rekindled. Is a second chance possible when everything George cares about is in Pennsylvania and Justin must return to his career in California? First they’ll have to deal with the reason for Justin’s abrupt departure all those years ago.

“Can’t live without you” by Andrew Grey is a very nice Hollywood romance about first loves and second chances. Reading about true love among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. This read features a very true and pure love which shines through all the bad feelings and emotions.

Justin Hawthorne is a Hollywood heart throb. He is successful and a very talented actor and is on his way to the very top. His is a true rag to riches story and Justin has earned every single accolade through his dedication and talent. Justin’s past has always been a sore spot for him. He was kicked out of his house for being gay and after that he left town for Hollywood and have never looked back. Along with his home, Justin also left behind his boyfriend, George without any explanation. Now after almost 7 years, he gets a call that his dad is dying and Justin has no other choice but to go back to his hometown and face his past once again.

Justin and George’s connection was very solid and unwavering even after 7 years of being apart. I loved the way there were so open to each other about their feelings. Justin broke George’s heart when he ran away and George still nurses a broken heart because of that. They don’t beat around the bush a lot when it came to their real feelings and emotions and gets straight to the point even when they both know that they will get separated once again after the week is over. Their reunion was on a clock and knowing that they love each other but still can’t work it out because of their circumstances was really sad.

Justin’s character was really strong and brave. He had a very painful secret that has separated him from George and it broke my heart, when it comes out. He had endured so much and could have easily lost himself in the glitzy world of stardom but he is reasonable and honest and so level-headed. He respects his trade and is such a nice guy. His aversion towards addiction was commendable. Justin’s father was very cruel to him and I was moved by how he reacts to his death and eventually forgives the man and makes his peace with the whole thing.

George is very supportive of Justin and he helps him to make peace with his past. He is still in love with Justin and though he knows their time is limited, George can’t resist the “Love of his Life”. Their lives are worlds apart now and I could feel his hopelessness when he realizes that he will never get over Justin but also cannot be with him.

“I have no illusions about what’s going to happen,” George said when they broke their sloppy, wet kiss. “But I want you, Justin, for as long as you’re here.“Do you hear me? I’ll take whatever time I have with you for as long as I can.”

The issues keeping the couple apart were very real. There was no sugar coating their problems. I liked how they overcome the odds and decide that they can’t live without each other. It was emotional and at times bittersweet but the end was worth all the pain.

Bottom line, I enjoyed reading this second chance romance. The MCs were like real people with very real and painful problems and the story is their journey to find each other again. The secondary characters were also very nicely written. Ethan was a true friend and I respected him for always being there for Justin. “Can’t live without you” is another great story from Andrew Grey and I would definitely recommend it.

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