Reclaiming (Steph’s Review)

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Title: Reclaiming (Immortal Ink #1)
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Genre(s): Paranormal Erotic Romance
Page Count: 218
Reviewed by: Steph
Heat Level: 5 flame out of 5
Rating: 2.4 stars out of 5

Beau thought Aaron was dead to him… Imagine his surprise when his former lover slinks into his tattoo shop.

Six months ago vampire Beaudelaire Delacourte had it all. As a tattoo artist, he used his special ink and spells to permanently tattoo other immortals and spent countless hours feeding and indulging in BDSM with his human lover, Aaron. Then he asked to turn Aaron so his lover could join him permanently, but Aaron refused, not willing to give up his humanity. Since then, Beau has kept his head down and stayed in his shop, only interacting with the clients who come for his special brand of ink.

When Aaron shows up on his doorstep, half-dead and apologizing, Beau is shocked to learn that his boy was turned at the vampire club they used to frequent by Stephen, another vampire. Not only was Aaron turned, but his chest was torn open, his fangs were broken and he was left in an alley to die. Spurred by the need to see Beau one last time, Aaron has been hiding in an abandoned building until he found the strength to make it to Beau’s shop.

Beau takes in his boy again, promising that Aaron will earn his place back in Beau’s bed, and vowing that he will take revenge on Stephen. Unbeknownst to Beau, Aaron is only the first in a long line of humans who Stephen has created then turned out to fend for themselves. As Beau discovers this is only one of the old rules that Stephen has broken, he and Aaron are drawn into a web of intrigue that can only end in someone’s death.

Reader Advisory: This books contains severe biting and bloodplay during sex between vampires. There is also a scene of fisting and some scenes of violence.

I’m just going to give you a little understanding on what I do when I read a story so you can understand my review. To me the story itself is like a big puzzle. As you read, you collect certain pieces, and start putting it together. Once the story is complete, you have all your pieces.

So, lets just say with this book, right from the start some of my puzzle pieces didn’t fit and/or somewhere during the story they changed and I had to try to arrange them differently. In the end, I had a puzzle that was deformed and missing pieces. So sad.

Everything I found wrong:

    1. Right from the start Beau is recalling the past memory when Aaron left him eight months earlier. It is the moment when Aaron rejects his offer, calling Beau “an abomination and informing him that under no circumstance did he want to become what Beau was”. Then in Chapter 8 Aaron states that basically “he didn’t doubt Beau, but he doubted himself.”
      1. This reasoning, no matter how I think of it, does work. Even if he is just trying to break things swiftly, then it still should have been mentioned.
      2. Also, as you can see by the blurb, it states six months, not eight. Six months is when Aaron went back to the club (2 months after they split) to look for Beau.
    2. In Chapter 8, Beau states, “it wasn’t always the wisest idea, to give yourself to a master vampire, but that choice wasn’t Aaron’s to make anymore.” I am still wondering why this is since the author never expounds upon this again. My only silly conclusion, is that you will become a zombie.
    3. In Chapter 20, Aaron suddenly has golden skin when he was pale in all parts prior. Every vamp in the story is described as pale. Maybe a miss type?
    4. How the story reads, it seems like there are only vampires in this world that the author has constructed; however, in Chapter 21 “calling a coven” is discussed and then in Chapter 22 we meet the witches. I would have thought that this would have at least been briefly mentioned earlier on. I felt like… surprise we have witches. Oh, and “other supernaturals” was stated in Chapter 22 as well, so… yeah…
    5. Near the end of Chapter 24, Beau states that “his kind had worked very hard to make most humans believe they were simply stuff of legends.” Though when reading the book, the author makes it seem (doesn’t state, but doesn’t deny either) that society knows. There is the club where humans attend with their ‘partner’ and a coffee shop where both human’s and vamp’s alike go to.
    6. Last but not least…How did Stephan’s master, Master Simon, not know what he was up to? The author mentions that a vampires’ master can see into their mind/thoughts.
      1. Example being: It’s mentioned that Beau’s master, Master Terrance, listened in on his thoughts, and he didn’t even know it. In addition, there is a part in the book where Beau is teaching Aaron to build a wall around his mind so the evil Stephan cannot call on him. He even mentions that the ‘key’ to his mind is for him (Beau), his master. My only thought was, “Could this be because he had magical help from other supernatural(s)? Or does his master just suck at his job?”

    Reading this book, is what porn would be like if you could only read it. Lots of hot sex, somewhat redundant with the chair however, and very little story. I would say it was like 85% sex, and 15% story. I think that if this book had a bit more of story to it, then it would actually do it justice.

    The timeline of the book seemed to fluctuate. It is good in certain areas and not so good in others. In addition, there’s really no in-depth background on either character. We know that Beau is centuries-old, yet we don’t know exactly how old Aaron is. Not to mention, either of their families are really mentioned. If anything, I would assume there would be a little snippet. As for the chemistry between the two main characters, I really didn’t feel it.

    In my opinion, if you are looking for a hot book to read, and don’t mind the errors, then here it is. I do feel that once this book gets edited and revised, that it could be very promising.

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    Galley copy of Reclaiming (Immortal Ink #1) provided by Pride Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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