Long Road Home (PIU’s Review)

Long Road Home.Title: Long Road Home (Hill Country Heat #1)
Author: J.C. Jaynes
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: 30th sept, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Second-Chance Romance
Page Count: 239
Reviewed by: PIU

What should have been a beautiful new beginning is undone by the hatred and envy of another.

Ten years ago, Kaine Keeley watched in horror as the love of his life turned his back on him, taking with him his one true chance at happiness. Now that he’s no longer the penniless, shy boy he once was, Kaine is ready to fight and take back what was stolen from him.

A long time ago, Graeson Hardin thought that Kaine was worth fighting for. But after witnessing a crushing betrayal, he ran and never looked back. He wants nothing now but to live his life of solitude, protected from a love that almost destroyed him.

When Kaine shows up ten years later with a heartfelt apology and a believable explanation, Graeson must decide if he can make peace with his past to have the possibility of the future he always wanted.

Having traveled different roads in life, will these former lovers be able to battle the evil that may still be working to keep them apart and find a way to begin their long journey back home?

“Long Road Home” by J.C. Jaynes is a very emotional and passionate second chance romance story. The estranged lovers coming together at the end was quite satisfying. I am a big fan of this trope and this book provided the perfect angst filled reunion with some hot and heavy love-making in between.

Kaine keeley and Graeson Hardin had been inseparable and in love when they were in college. Graeson had planned out his future with his boyfriend, away from the controlling hold of his father, ready to start a new life with the “Love of his Life”. But due to a huge misunderstanding that shredded Grae’s heart completely, he ran and left Kaine behind. Kaine has kept tabs on his love for almost a decade and meanwhile he strives full speed ahead towards a future where he can be worthy of standing beside Grae, whom he is determined to get back no matter what. So now after a decade of heartbreak, Kaine is ready to win Grae back. He just has to convince Grae that they both are still very much in love with each other.

Kaine and Grae’s romance was the age old kind. They had been in love and they still are after so many years. Graeson felt betrayed with what had happened in the past and he has kept that bitterness in his heart because he still has feelings for Kaine. Both had not been able to move on and the anticipation of them coming together was huge from the start of the story.

After 10 years, Grae and Kaine have changed a lot. They are not the same college students who had stars in their eyes and were so much in love. Life has jaded them both. Their reunion was more about building trust, knowing and loving each other again than clearing the misunderstanding that have kept them apart for so long.

The couple had a huge communication gap and I am afraid that it did not get any better the second time around. I wanted to hit Graeson on the head after he keeps on repeating his past mistakes. Kaine was a sweetheart and I loved his determination and passion to go after his man with single minded determination.

The big event that tore them apart was revealed in a flashback and it justified the way Graeson just up and left after it happens. I just felt weird that he did not try to confront Kaine about his actions even after being so much in love with the guy. What he saw was not that conclusive and also he should have given Kaine at least a chance to let him explain himself. Grae’s actions showed that he did not have enough trust in Kaine, the guy with whom he was ready to spend his entire life with. So that was a pretty big hole for me in the romance department.

The pacing of the story is nice. The explosive chemistry between Grae and Kaine was scorching. Ten years of pent up passion is stuffed in this story to the gills. It is hot and a pure heaven for smut lovers.

Few issues like the non-existent trust on Grae’s part and the severe lack of information about Kaine’s work life dropped the rating for me by 1 star. I am giving this book a 3.5 star for the angsty reunion and the “shirt-tearing” smexy bits. If you are a fan of passionate and emotional reunion romance, then this definitely the book for you.

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