Max by Bey Deckard

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Title: Max
Author: Bey Deckard
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Genre(s): Dark Erotica, QUILTBAG
Page Count: 200 pages
Reviewed by: Natalie
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Fresh out of school, Dr. Crane takes on a new patient who both intrigues and unnerves him. Charming, manipulative, and amoral, Max has exactly the sort of mind Crane finds himself drawn to with fictional characters.

As Max weaves himself into Crane’s life, Crane realizes that while fiction might be safe, Max certainly is not.

When the professional line between them thins, who gets to define where one man ends and the other begins?

I have yet to come across a Bey Deckard read that I haven’t enjoyed. Max is no different. This story was available as a free read on Bey’s website, but like a lame person, I didn’t take advantage of reading it. No worries, I was more than happy for him to take my money! With each story, I know I’m in for an adventure.

I am fascinated by the odd and horrible places B.D.’s mind goes. It’s what has quickly made him one of my favorite authors. I have issues, LOL. If it’s a dark story with intriguing characters, I’m all over it!

The premise? Max is a patient of Dr. Crane’s. Dr. Crane is new psychiatrist and way out of his league. Max is one of those types who can sense insecurity in others and pounces on it. He’s the epitome of a sociopath. Dr. Crane realizes that he’s out of his element and he should refer Max to one of his colleagues, but he’s far too intrigued by the man to pass up the opportunity.

My problem with Crane starts here. He should have done the responsible thing and handed over the reins to someone far more experienced but noooo. He allowed himself to be manipulated and lead down a path of darkness. Oh well, should’ve gone with your gut instinct bud. But when you have a patient who is so incredibly persuasive, it’s hard to say no…

“I’m attracted to opportunities, rather than sexes or genders or what-have-yous. If an attractive opportunity presents itself, I’ll put my dick in it. Or my fist. Or pony up my ass for someone else’s pleasure.”

YASSSS! I LOVED Max to pieces. TO PIECES. Max molds their entire relationship, and it is phenomenal! One thing I really adore about B.D.’s stories is his willingness to write characters with differing sexualities. You never know what you’re getting when it comes to the MCs and their sexual identities, and for me, that’s always the best part. Despite this story being all kinds of effed up due to the behaviors of both characters, I was totally digging the sex scenes. Holy turn on Batman! So so so hot. Meow.

I felt bad for one person in this entire story, Mary. Mary didn’t deserve any of what happened to her. But she was a pawn in a plan that was much bigger than her. Oh, Mary, may the force be with you, darling.

People, if you want a trippy psychological read, you should grab Max. It’s so worth your time. I promise.

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