Dead and Lost (LA Paranormal #4)

Dead and Lost
Title: Dead and Lost (LA Paranormal #4)
Author: Lou Harper
Publisher: Harper Books
Release Date: September 12, 2016
Genre(s): Paranormal, Mystery
Page Count: 117
Reviewed by: Kristin
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Not all bodies want to remain buried.

Leander Thorne makes his living as a psychic pet detective and moonlights as an unofficial police consultant. In his latter role he has agreed to help Detective Cora Bennet from the LAPD with a decades-old murder. Unfortunately, the victims bones refuse to talk to him.

To complicate things, Leander’s anxiety-prone boyfriend Jon has started sleepwalking again. Since Jon has perfected taciturnity into an art form it’ll take all of Leander’s patience and tenacity to make him open up.

When Leander and Jon start digging into the old murder case the mystery grows thicker at every turn. Leander’s knack for finding lost things and buried secrets lead them into the hills above a posh LA suburb. However, those hills hide more than just mountain lions and rattlesnakes. If they are not careful trouble will find them.

Not recommended to read as a stand-alone. Best to start with Dead in LA.

I ADORE these stories! They are light, serious, fun, a teeny bit nerve-wracking, subtle with the emotions, lovely in romance, and have just enough mystery to keep everything bound together and moving forward.

Dead and Lost was no different – a delightful melding of humor, mystery, and romance.

Jon and Leander – Lea – have settled into their relationship. Jon is taking art classes. Leander is doing his psychic thing on the side and, this time, helping out Detective Cora a bit. Okay, more than a bit. Leander ends up doing some sleuthing on the side much to Cora’s irritation and Jon’s dismay.

But Lea doesn’t need to use his psychic abilities to sense that somethings amiss with Jon, and while trying to figure out who might have killed a young boy, Lea tries to unravel what’s bothering Jon.

There are SO many things I enjoy about these books:

    • I love Jon and Lea’s interaction. They are so well balanced personality-wise it makes reading about them a real joy.
    • I so enjoy watching the mystery spool out, and how Leander is trying to be good and NOT get in trouble, but manages to do so anyway.
    • Watching Leander coax Jon into opening up was so frikin’ sweet.

My only complaint is THEY ARE TOO SHORT!!

But, ya know, rather than me blathering on and dropping spoilers, go read them! They are short, fast, and very enjoyable.

LA Paranormal Series

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