Good Luck (Putnam County #1)

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Title: Good Luck (Putnam County #1)
Author: K.M. Mahoney
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Genre(s): Paranormal/Mystery Romance
Page Count: 170
Reviewed by: Steph
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

It’s just another normal day for a not-so-normal fairy.

Allegro Romani is a fairy. Literally. Disowned by his family because of his sexual orientation, he’s left the Fae realm for earth. He’s done all right for himself, establishing a small store in a paranormal-friendly town. He’s even made a few friends, despite his awkward social skills. But one day a week, everything goes to hell.

Alli is a Fayte, and they don’t tend to fare very well out of the magic-laden air of their home world. Once a week, their body rebels, and the result? A day full of the worst luck imaginable. For Alli, that day is always Friday. He’s come to dread them and would, in fact, spend every Friday tucked up in bed with the covers over his head if he could. But he’s found out from past experience that it doesn’t help, so now he just grits his teeth and tries to get through Friday without killing himself. Or someone else.

Then, one particular Friday, his bad luck results in something surprisingly good. He meets a gorgeous bear shifter named Michael. And despite seeing him at his worst, Michael isn’t running in the opposite direction. In fact, he’s chasing Alli down with resolve and determination.

Now Alli just has to find a way to keep his bear shifter, get rid of the trouble plaguing him, and figure out who wants him out of Putman County for good. It’s enough to make any sane fairy run for the hills. Fortunately, Alli has never been accused of being particularly sane. And with his new bear at his side? Alli is determined to hang onto his new life. Bad luck or no bad luck.

Publisher’s Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

Pre-order Date: 20th September 2016
Available exclusively to Pride Publishing: 4th October 2016
General Release Date: 1st November 2016

When it comes to my proclivity for shifter books, I tend not to read ones that involve fairies. Why you say? Well, honestly I do not know why. I can only assume that I feel that they are not dangerous or sexy enough. Yet, I stand before you now a changed person. I really did enjoy this book. Sure it needs some refinement, but overall the bones of the story are good.

If you think this is your run of the mill shifter book, it isn’t. In this story, there is no true mate or really anything to do with mates. It is just two beings finding one another attractive and giving it a go. However, the attraction between Alli and Michael progresses pretty quickly; not to mention it happens within a two-week time frame. Therefore, the chemistry between the two MC’s it is pretty intense, well that is when Allie of course is not trying to push Michael away.

There are a few instances that I wish that the author went into more detail. One being what is so amazing/different about a speckled bear. Well, besides him being a vegetarian of course. In addition, there is a part in the book near the beginning where the reader might be a bit confused, but no worries the author eventually answers it for you. Just be patient.

I feel that the HEA that the author ended with was very suitable for Alli and thank god Michael is so understanding! Though I think more editing needs to be done with this book, it doesn’t deter me from wanting to know what happens next. Especially if it involves Tristan.

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Galley copy of Good Luck (Putnam County #1) provided by Pride Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


I love reading books about boys who love other boys <3. Sometimes there is a HEA or HFN, but sometimes it just is. Yes, I love all outcomes even it is not what I hoped for. We all need a good cry from time to time. As you can probably can tell, I love cliffhangers as well. Yeah, I am one of those people :) I read a variety of genres, whether it is dark/taboo, historical, shifters, GFY, SciFi, mysteries/thrillers; I love it all.