Out in Time

Title: Out in Time
Author: Grey Cole
Publisher: Dizzy Girl Writing House
Release Date: January 1, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary/Football
Page Count: 95
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A closeted football star. An out and proud photographer. And a road trip.

Wade Truman had grown accustomed to admiring Heath Taylor from afar. Now, years of denying himself and the irresistible Heath are wreaking havoc on Wade’s resolve. The odds are stacked against them … they’re graduating college soon. Wade just signed a multimillion dollar football deal—thrusting him even further into the spotlight. Not to mention, what would the gorgeously refined Heath want with a small town jock boy like himself anyway?

Heath grew up privileged, accepted, and out. And the two hells he swore he would never put himself through—crushing on a straight guy and being anyone’s dirty little secret—have presented themselves in one sweet talkin’, dream hauntin’ package. One weekend with Wade, and Heath’s sure the devil himself has come a-knockin’.

Warning: Contains Southern accents wielded like weapons of desire, a snarky, do-gooder Pennsylvanian, and two boys deserving of true love.

A slice-of-love-life story. Standalone novella. About 35,000 words or 95 pages.

With the recent surge of M/M football romances, I wanted to add an older one. This is a review from my GoodReads account.

This is a great, romantic story of two collage seniors about to graduate and start their working lives. MC Wade is the first round draft pick for the NFL and will be living in New York playing professional football. His friend and co-worker at the student newspaper, MC Heath, has a job secured at a newspaper in New York. Heath has been out since he was 14 but Wade has only confessed his sexuality to his grandmother, fearing the backlash that might jeopardize his professional career in the NFL. Of course, both men have been secretly lusting after each other for the span of their two year friendship, neither one the wiser.

A trip out of town, alone, together has Wade finally confessing his feeling for Heath along with his sexual orientation. The boys bond over great getting-to-know-the-real-you conversation and emotion filled sex.

I really liked this book and can whole heartedly recommend it to all M/M romance fans. I did take away a star because of the abrupt ending, which left me unsatisfied and ended in a HFN instead of HEA.

Gotta love the athletes! It’s one of my favorite genres.

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