Winter Heart (Seasons of Love #4)

Winter Heart.Title: Winter Heart (Seasons of Love #4)
Author: B.G. Thomas
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 21st oct, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 400
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

For over ten years, Wyatt Dolan defined himself as the lover of Howard Wallace. Howard made sure Wyatt’s self-worth depended on that role. So when Howard dumps him, he is lost at sea in a storm without a rudder. If it wasn’t for his supportive friends, he doesn’t know what he’d do. Finally, after a series of disasters, he escapes to Camp Sanctuary—a sacred place to him—where he can be alone, try to put his past behind him, and find a new direction for his life.

Kevin Owens is a lonely man. He is very intelligent—several apps he created have gone on to make him a comfortable living—but he is also quite shy and is uncomfortable making conversation. The death of his dear friend and former lover after a long illness leaves him grieving, confused, and adrift. Then a dream guides him to Camp Sanctuary, only to find that the one cabin with a wood-burning stove has already been reserved. And worse, by a man he’s had a secret crush on for years—Wyatt Dolan.

When a snowstorm knocks out power at the Camp, Wyatt and Kevin must share the same cabin to stay warm, and very soon, magickal things begin to happen.

“Winter Heart” by B.G Thomas is the forth book in the “Seasons of Love” series. This story boasts a very sweet and powerful romance along with addressing some serious issues like : abuse, acceptance of homosexuality and religion. I loved the author’s way of narration. It is detailed and very effective in touching any reader’s heart.

Wyatt Dolan is a very sweet and charming character who had suffered a lot before coming to a place where he can start to accept his own self-worth. His ex was a douche of platinum grade, who verbally abused him and chipped away his confidence completely. Wyatt’s first exposure to the gay world was through Howard, his ex who brain washed him in thinking that “monogamy is for straight people” because he himself wanted to sleep around and be a slut. Now when Wyatt is free of Howard, he can truly realize that he deserves to be loved (like the “Forever” kind) and cherished for who he really is. His best friends (The Fab-ulous Four!!) have all found their significant others and Wyatt though surrounded by supportive and loving friends, feels lonely and craves for a “Forever Love” of his own.

Kevin Owens is a self-made man who has nursed a crush for Wyatt for many years. They are acquaintances who meet once a year and for several years during the event, he had watched Wyatt from afar and pined for “the sweet little bear”. He is a man of few words but with the most kindest and compassionate heart. After burying his ex-lover, Kevin finds himself craving solitude. His impromptu vacation soon turns life changing when his crush for Wyatt turns to love after spending few snowed-in days together in a small cabin. Kevin is a gentle giant who was the best man to provide the fairytale love Wyatt deserved so badly. He helps Wyatt with his insecurities and in gaining confidence and providing support in every way he could.

The flow of the story is very meaningful and compelling. Wyatt’s journey from an unaccepting family to finally finding happiness is beautiful but also heart-breaking and sad at times. In the first half we get to see the aftermath of Wyatt’s harmful relationship to Howard. Also balancing that pain, we see the bond that he has with his best friends and how supportive they are of him and his beliefs. His relationship with his family is another big part of the story. I loved how the author brings that part to its conclusion. It made me teary-eyed.

The MCs don’t meet until almost 52% of the story but that part was used to give a complete inner view within the hearts of the MCs, their past, life, friends, dreams and beliefs. It would put off many readers because of the delay but I would advise them to stick with the story to experience the true brilliance of the story-telling.

I don’t want to delve into the religious believes that are described in this book in detail but I would like to just say in the author’s words:

“I think God is Love. I think that is all that God is. I don’t think ‘It’ hates or gets jealous or punishes and floods the Earth or sends anyone to hell. I don’t even believe in hell because how could a God that the Bible said is unconditional love—have any conditions?”

“God is love, that’s all God is.”

There is a higher power that lives within all things living and provides us with strength and love and which do not judge or pass punishment and that’s exactly what i found in this book. The Yule celebration in the story seriously gave me chills and I can guarantee you will feel the subtle yet decisive power of the gods through the pages too. And that epilogue will make anyone smile and whoop with joy.

You need to read this beautiful and amazing romance and experience Wyatt’s touching journey in search of true love for yourself. Wyatt is going to charm you with his innocence and naivety, make you cry and also make you fall in love wholeheartedly!!!

Happy Reading!!!

Seasons of Love Series

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