Threadbare Gypsy Souls (Natosha’s Review)

Title: Threadbare Gypsy Souls
Author: T.A. Chase
Publisher: Pride publishing
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Genre(s): Shifter, mystery/suspense, undercover, wolf shifter, gay contemporary romance, Alpha men
Page Count: 165 pages
Reviewed by: NATOSHA
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Two battered souls find each other when they least expect it.

Nash Rhodes roars into Fallen Creek one day, and nothing is ever the same again.

Nash Rhodes is trying to find his path in life, after leaving Nashville and his motorcycle gang in the dust. Fallen Creek, Wyoming, isn’t where he plans on spending the rest of his life, but it’s a nice place to rest for a while, and take stock of things so far. Yet Nash has secrets he doesn’t want to share with anyone, especially not a taciturn scarred cowboy.

Cullen O’Murphy is a lone wolf, and he’s been fighting a losing battle against the local shifter pack. He doesn’t want to become part of their pack, knowing what they do for a living. Oh, he’s not afraid. Cullen knows he can defeat the Alpha, but Cullen doesn’t want to lead. He simply wishes to be left alone.

One night, he goes for a drink at the Watering Hole, a local bar, and he meets Nash. The lust is combustible, yet both men are leery about trusting the other with all their secrets.

Unfortunately, neither one might have a choice as circumstances spiral out of their control.

Sometimes destiny has a set path for people even though we do not realize it. Destiny/Fate steps in when the time has come for each of us to take a path that we may have never taken before. That is exactly what happened in this book. Destiny/Fate steps in during a time that is volatile for both Nash and Cullen. It brought them together and once that happened things that was meant to happen started happening and nothing will ever be the same for these two men again.

Cullen is what most would cal recluse. He lives in his own. He rarely goes into town instead opting to spend time on his land with his animal or running his land in his wolf form. When he goes into town he does not speak to many and the few that he does speak too, there is not many words passed between them. Most wolves live in a pack but Cullen enjoys his lone wolf status and tried to stay away from the pack that is near by. He wants nothing to do with them or the things that they do. Cullen knows that if he wanted to take over the local pack he could because he is the strongest Alpha in the area but regardless of how bad the pack is run by its current Alpha and how badly the pack is affecting everyone around them, Cullen wants no part of being their new Alpha or part of the pack.

Nash is the opposite of Cullen. Trouble is attracted to Nash and follows him like the plague. But Nash is also a people person and draws people into his tight circle of friends even though Nash does not trust people easily. Nash is on the run from his old gang out of Nashville and lands himself in Cullen’s path by accident but it may not be an accident after all. As I stated Destiny/Fate draws us to where we need to be and that is what happened when Nash landed in Fallen Creek.

Even though both men tried to fight their attraction and the connection they felt for the other, it was impossible for them to avoid. Everything was just too strong between them to walk away from the other. Because of this attraction it set many different events into motion that will forever change these two men’s lives. Neither of them will ever be the same. Neither will the people around them. Once they met, everything they both thought they knew or wanted was destined to change and their was nothing either of them could do about it and in the end neither wanted to change anything about it.

T.A. Chase did a wonderful job on this book. I am not sure if it will be turned into a series but in all honesty if it was I think that it would be a great one. There is so much potential for this book to be able to continue and to be able to bring more to this as a series, which is really saying a lot for this book. As far as the book itself I truly enjoyed reading it and enjoyed the storyline and plot of it. It was very well written with no lulls in the story. I really hope to be able to read more about this pack in the future and to be able to see just why Cullen and Nash are able to do to turn around all the bad things this pack has been through with their previous Alpha. I look forward to reading more by T.A. Chase in the future.

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Galley copy of Threadbare Gypsy Souls provided by Pride Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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