Jumpstart (PIU’s Review)

Jumpstart.Title: Jumpstart (Crossroads #3.5)
Author: Riley Hart
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: 1st Nov, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Novella, Crossroads series, Friends to lover
Page Count: 200
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Motocross star, Beckett Monroe, is in need of some serious R&R. Not only to adjust to his new out-of-the-closet status, but in hopes of reigniting his passion for motocross. To his surprise, support shows up in the way of Christian Foster, his childhood best friend and first love. Spending time with Christian is the jumpstart Beck’s heart needs. But even if Christian can forgive Beckett for hurting him years ago, do they stand a chance against all the obstacles in their path?

“Crossroads” series has delivered a heartfelt and beautiful romance every single time. And it does not fail to do so in this short, beautifully written novella about “True Love”. Everything about this story is perfect: MCs, friends, family, emotions and romance. I was a little sad that the ended so soon. I wanted more. This story is a “best friends to lovers” trope and in my opinion an excellent addition to this lovely series.

Beckett Monroe or Beck is a star in the motorcross world. He is living a life he has always desired for, doing something he has always dreamed of doing. But something is missing. After getting outed, Beck takes a break to visit his friend, Landon for a few days and clear his head. Beck knows what is missing in his life and he gathers enough courage to contact his childhood best friend, Christian.

Beck and Christian were inseparable growing up. They had done everything together and eventually their friendship has developed into more. Beck was not ready then to let anyone know about them so when Chris gets outed to his family, Beck does nothing to back him up or come clean about them. Ten years has passed after that without them talking or having any kind of contact. But Beck still yearns for his best friend and first love.

Christian hops on a plane as soon as he gets the call from Beck. Chris was hurt deeply when Beck abandoned him all those years ago but he has never stopped loving the man. He knows Beck needs him and he jumps in feet first to help him. Old buried feelings of love and betrayal is difficult to shove away when the best friends meet again. Emotions surge along with the deep seated love both the men feel for each other. They have to work through their past issues and trust in each other before they could be together like they were always meant to be.

I loved the connection between Christian and Beck. Their reconnection after 10 years was handled with perfection. The passion and love between them was evident from the first time they meet at the airport but they had huge hurdles to overcome before their HEA. They don’t jump into bed without resolving anything and I really appreciated that the most.

“You’re mine now, Chris. Maybe we have to take things slow for a while, feel things out and figure out how we’re going to do this, but we are going to do this. You’re mine,” he said again and Christian didn’t argue.”

I loved how the author beautifully showcases Christian’s hurt as well as Beck’s regret. They talk through it all and I loved Christian for giving Beck a second chance and I absolutely loved Beck for holding up Chris’s trust by proclaiming his love for him in front of all. That ending was perfect!!!

“Chris…thank you for giving me a second chance. Thank you for loving me. For giving me the jumpstart I needed, without even realizing you were doing it.”

It was a bittersweet story with loads of feel good moments and passion. Christian and Beck’s story is any m/m romance lover’s idea of an awesome read. It’s no small feat to craft a story with a compelling plot, detailed character development and a satisfying conclusion in such short amount of pages and Ms. Hart has excelled in it with this novella. I love Riley Hart’s work and this time she has created a perfect novella with beautiful characters and a touching story which I can guarantee you can’t help but love.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Jumpstart provided by Riley Hart in exchange of an honest review.