After the Sunset (PIU’s Review)

After the Sunset.Title: After the Sunset (Timing #2)
Author: Mary Calmes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 2nd Nov, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance, Timing Series
Page Count: 204
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

2nd Edition

Two years after riding off into the sunset with ranch owner Rand Holloway, Stefan Joss has made a tentative peace with his new life, teaching at a community college. But the course of true love never does run smooth. Rand wants him home on the ranch; Stef wants an exit strategy in case Rand ever decides to throw him out. Finally, after recognizing how unfair he’s being, Stef makes a commitment, and Rand is over the moon.

When Stef gets the chance to prove his devotion, he doesn’t hesitate—despite the risk to his health—and Rand takes the opportunity to show everyone that sometimes life’s best surprises come after the sunset.

I love mushy and feel good romances and when there is a cowboy involved with unique blue eyes then I am a goner for sure. The “Timing” series delivered exactly what I craved. Rand and Stef blew my mind in the first book and they are still a pair to love and drool on in the second installment, “After the Sunset”. There is lots happening in this book and we get to see the lovely couple embrace their new life with passion and most importantly, Love.

It’s been two years since Stef has moved in with Rand. Stef has taken a job at the local community college which pleased Rand to no end (It’s code for some steamy “on-the-desk” loving*waggles eyebrows*) Rand is still trying to convince Stef that his love is eternal and he will never leave him. Stef finally decides to put down his roots with Rand without any exit strategy and believe and trust his cowboy. He is Rand’s other half and he will do his damnest to make Rand proud of him. Opportunity presents itself in the form of a rodeo which their ranch needs to participate in order to secure rights to a land. So off Stef goes (without telling Rand*wink* Naughty Stef!!) to take his rightful place as Rand’s partner in front of the world.

I always love reading the second or the next step in any relationship. After the “I love You”s, life does not always run smoothly. There are challenges that every couple have to face that make them stronger and secure in their love for each other. In this case, we see Stefan finally fully taking on the roll of Rand’ partner and co-owner of the ranch and earning respect and love from everyone not only in their ranch but also from Rand’s crazy father’s side of the family. The Holloways.

There is a big family secret that Stefan needs to uncover while also righting a few wrongs in the entire Holloway family dynamics. Plus Stefan needs to survive a rodeo with an intatct spine. Sounds like a lot of work but Stefan passes with flying colors.

This book is mostly about Stefan and his efforts in making his cowboy proud!!! He befriends Glenn Holloway, Rand’s cousin. Glenn is another interesting character who had a few secrets of his own. Stef befriends Glenn and the “Ranef” couple (not a very good name, I know*pouts*) helps him with establishing his brand new business. His book is next in the series and I can’t wait to read it!!!

Now, the part for which everyone is waiting for: Rand+Stefan. The lovebirds are still going strong. Rand’s alpha-possessive gestures and dialogues reduced me to sticky goo.

“I’m lookin’ at you. Christ, I could look at you every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. You’re so beautiful, Stef,” he sighed, his hand on my cheek, “and your eyes, your gorgeous green eyes, just kill me.”

Their hot and hard lovemaking have gained more heat, if that is even possible! Their impromptu and desperate loving sessions were hot and sexy!!

Rand wants to show Stefan that he is Stef’s home and he does everything to convince Stef. His growly alpha-bear attitude when he finds out about Stef’s disastrous participation in the rodeo made me sigh and love him so, so much. Stef is such a lucky guy!!!*sigh*

“No, Stefan,” he said as he grabbed hold of the back of my neck and yanked me forward, forcing me to look him in the eye. “You are my life. Nothing else means anything if you’re not here.”

His gaze never failed to make my stomach roll over because I could tell, anyone could, that I was cherished. ~Stefan

Also there are talks of babies for the happy couple so watch out for a stunning new-comer in the next book.

I loved this second installment of Rand and Stef. Awesome story, great feels, steamy lovemaking and plain old “Love at it’s finest”. And that cover!!! HOT!!!

Highly recommended!!!

Timing Series

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