The Invasion of Tork (Tork and Adam #1)

The Invasion of Tork (Tork and Adam #1)
Title: The Invasion of Tork (Tork and Adam #1)
Author: Al Stewart, Claire Davis
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Release Date: December 1st 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 48
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 0 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.50 stars out of 5

Adam is cool, intelligent and drop-dead gorgeous – all the guys tell him so! When he is forced to start voluntary work at the local homeless shelter, all he worries about is keeping the clients well away from him and finishing the placement as soon as possible. Until he meets Tork.

Tork is clever and funny. He makes origami models and reads Dickens. Tork has green hair and makes Adam’s heart race with longing. But Tork is homeless and not at all impressed with Adam’s attitude.

Can Adam see past his fear and arrogance? Can Tork give Adam a chance?
Can two such different men turn the world upside down and find out what really matters? Read to find out their story.

* * * * *

A story from Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology

So…I was in a good mood yesterday and wanted something short to read and hey…there is a Stewart-Davis book I haven’t read! Nice and light YA shortie it seems…Everything is good and Ele is a happy girl.

Thirty minutes later…


This is not going according to plan…

Because Tork’s reality and the fact that this is not just fiction, but real life for so many homeless kids, punched me in the gut. Tork is brilliant and a good, good boy. He has rules that help him survive life in the streets.

“Rule: no lying down.
Rule: no touching.
Rule: do not bring attention to yourself.”

but it’s the same rules that hurt him

“Rule: Pain is pure and as solid as the sky and the earth. It will never let me down or abandon me.”

Now Adam…well Adam acts like a fucking prick. You can tell it comes from insecurity, especially as far as Tork is concerned but still…what an asshole.

BUT, there is this change happening in him. As a reader you can see it but the moment he realises he went from “How can I not be good enough for him?” to “How could I ever be good enough for someone like Tork?”…*sigh* he really got to me, that asshole.

I wanted to learn more for Tork. We only get to see glimpses of how he ended up homeless or the awful things that have happened to him. Maybe I’m wrong but I believe that this was exactly the authors’ purpose. To show Tork’s terrible present and how he fights with everything that’s left in him, not how he got to this point, the change in Adam and eventually, hope. Because there is hope and the ending is all kinds of hopefull.

Still…I wanted to know more to feel 100% satisfied. Dunno…maybe a sequel could take care of that *hint hint hint hint hint hint….*

So, although this did NOT go according to plan because….


it was a winner and I truly loved it. Recommended!

Tork and Adam Series

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    • Hey! I thought I had answered this! Yes, this is the YA series. You have to read Lunchtime Nibbles! Closer to your tastes and pretty sexy!

  • It is a very beautiful story, I loved it too. It was my second book from the authors and every book i’d read from them is just so beautiful.

    • Al and Claire are crazy talented and their voice is so unique. I love their work too, and can’t wait for the third story about Tork and Adam!


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