Tru Smoke (PIU’s Review)

Tru Smoke.Title: Tru Smoke (Ember Peak #1)
Author: Edie Danford
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: 3rd Nov, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance, Emotional
Page Count: 258
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… Whenever Jones touches him, flames flicker in Truitt Larkin’s smoky-gray eyes.

Growing up in Ember Peak, Colorado, Jones Hudson nurtured dreams as big as the Rockies. Why else would a flat-broke college student believe he has a shot with Truitt Larkin, the billionaire CEO of Larkin Corp? And, sure, Tru might own the fab, five-thousand-acre Ember Peak Ranch, where Jones is just the son of a ranch employee, but that doesn’t mean a future with Tru is doomed, does it? When he finally, finally convinces Tru to break his chiseled-in-rock no-sex-ever policy, Jones is sure smoke will never shroud Tru’s silver-flame eyes again.

But fire burns and dreams crash. And Jones leaves Ember Peak—and a big chunk of his heart—behind.

Tru knows he’s responsible for fracturing his valued friendship with Jones. Indulging his attraction to the younger man was selfish and destructive—something he’ll always regret. When Jones returns to Ember Peak for a family wedding, Tru wants a chance to heal their friendship and give back to Jones the comfort of coming home. But sparks fly the moment they reunite, and they scramble to douse the passion that’s burned them both before. Yet a flicker of hope glows brightly, and soon they need all their courage to see their way to a future together.

Sweet, sweet Jonesy. AWW I am so thrilled that he got what he wanted the most at last!!!

Wow! This book was one hell of an emotional ride. There was so much longing and I got hit with feels left and right. I teared up, felt angry and at the end I could not stop my crazy smile+crying combo, right in the middle of a train station no less (I might have scared a few people!!!)

Ok so let’s get start with an intro to Jones and Tru’s story:

Jones Hudson has been in love with his mother’s employee, billionaire rancher, Truitt Larkin forever. But Tru has never given in to Jones’s desire or made a move on him. That changes when Jones show up in Tru’s Chicago home one week. They burn hotter than lava for seven blissful days and Jones hopes like hell that this time Tru will acknowledge his love and make him his. But as the week end, Jones gets his heart broken after Tru tells him to forget their time together and concentrate on his studies. There never can be a relationship between them and Jones needs to live with that. Needless to say, Jones is devastated. He takes off and does not come back home, The Ember Peak ranch for three whole years.

On the event of his mother’s wedding, Jones comes back to his home and finally confronts the love that he has been running away from for such a long time. Tru’s need for him is evident in his eyes but Jones is not ready to risk his already broken heart a second time. But plans have a funny way to get derailed even when you know what’s the hurtful outcome is gonna be. Their attraction flares brighter than before and Jones finds himself again back into the same love-daze which he has tried to avoid for so long. Jones knows that there can be no one for him other than Tru and he will take whatever he gets but will “The love of his life” give him what he wants the most or break him beyond repair?? Read this amazingly heart wrenching romance to find out.

Hard to figure out any kind of victory that wouldn’t lead to my heart breaking all over again. But damn. It was really fricking hard not to root for your dreams, you know? Even if they were old and wary.

What I loved:

JONES!!! He is such a sweetheart. Gawd! I felt awful whenever he got hurt. Jones emotions and his overwhelming longing for Tru were so powerful and I could feel the impact of his heart break through the pages. Jones is a 24 year old man who in this book is still not quite sure about what he wants to do with his life. He may come off to most as indecisive but I felt that he wanted to secure Tru’s love before he could even think about his future. Tru was his anchor and his home and Jones always felt adrift when he was apart from him. There’s going to be a second book so I am totally psyched to see Jones, confident in his love and finally ready to live upto his true potential. He is sharp as a tack with an easy charm that made him irresistible. He is a genuine person who loved Tru with his entire being.

Tru and Jones’s powerful and explosive connection. Tru may have been lying to himself by thinking that he could live without Jones but from the first chapter you could feel the extent of the bond between them.Their chemistry is off the hook. There was always a frantic desperation in their times together. Jones wanted to soak up Tru’s affections and passion before their dreaded separation, which he knew will come eventually. Tru on the other hand can’t get enough of Jones even when he thinks Jones can do so much better than loving an older guy like him.

Truitt Larkin is a cowboy out of any man/woman’s dreams. He was compassionate, loving, generous and had a heart made of gold. He had his flaws of course, but I have to say that because of them he felt more real to me. Tru had it bad for Jones too but he had a few hang ups which he was blindly trying to thrust on his relationship with Jones. He wanted what was best for Jones. Tru was Jones’s best friend, father figure and confidant. Plus he came with the whole cowboy package so yeah, I liked him a lot!!

This book has some hard core relationship angst which was showcased vividly. Everytime there was a pull I was mooning over the passionate couple and with every push I wanted to hug Jones and smack Tru for delaying the inevitable. The HEA at the end finally saved me from hurting someonephew (That was a close one!!!)

Anyways, I can’t wait to see what’s next for the “Trunes” couple. Tru finally saying the magical three words frequently will surely be a huge hit for me.

My teeny tiny hang-up:

Tru: Gaahh!! This guy frustrated me! Everyone could see he loves Jones so damn much but still he behaved like a stupid, hard headed prick to keep Jones away. I get that he wanted to give Jones a chance to live life and experience new things but he kept Jones’s hopes alive by always being so loving and caring all the time. I thought that he was a little selfish for stringing Jones along when he was not ready for the commitment Jones needed. I mean how hard is it to say “I love You”??? Tru made me and Jones work so hard to finally hear him say that. His POV was a nice touch but his insecurities about committing to Jones was not made very clear. This was the only thing that made me drop the rating by 0.5 stars.


This is an emotionally charged, angsty romance with loads of loving and passion. I loved every character in this book. The secondary characters were not given too much focus but whatever exposure they got was used perfectly to describe the environment of the ranch, Tru’s character and Jones’s sweet and friendly nature. I would recommend this book to all romance lovers. There will be some tear shedding occasionally while reading this book but there is very satisfied HEA at the end of the line, so giddy up!!!

Ms. Danford, your characters were truly amazing and the story was touching and beautiful. Keep up the good work!!!

Ember Peak Series

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Galley copy of Tru Smoke provided by Edie Danford in exchange of an honest review.

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