The Straight Boyfriend (Ariel’s Review)

Title: The Straight Boyfriend (Loving You #3)
Author: Renae Kaye
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: November 21, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 220
Reviewed by: Ariel
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Aaron Hall has never been able to remain faithful to a single woman, and for most of his life, he’s dated two women at once. Recently his girlfriend tracked him down and knocked on his door—and his live-in girlfriend answered. Now he has no girlfriend and a mortgage he can’t pay by himself.

Vinnie Rosello needs to change his life—get a better job, stop drinking all his money away, find himself a serious boyfriend… and move out of his parents’ house. Aaron needs help with his expenses, so they become housemates.

Even though Aaron harbors some misconceptions about gay men and Vinnie misses his large Italian family, both men find comfort in their friendship. It’s a good arrangement until everything between them changes

Vinnie falls in love with Aaron, and Aaron is shocked to realize he feels the same. There’s only one problem—he’s still straight. He’ll have to overcome his fear of labels in order to love the man who’s captured his heart.

This story is unique because it morphed the plot of “Can you turn a straight boy gay?” This is the Australian version.

The beginning of the book shares details of Vinnie’s background and home life. He comes from a huge Italian family – and I mean huge. There is also a detail that I will share because I believe it needs to be shared as a warning in case it bothers anyone.

He comes from what he called a poly family. The parents of this Italian family is his mom and dad and his aunt. Between the three of them that’s how the family got so huge. His cousins are also his step brothers and sisters.

Aaron comes from your typical small family.

I love the dynamic of Vinnie’s family. So many people, which equals, so many personalities, it’s kind of like having your own small town. Everyone loves each other, gets along with each other, and supports each other. It’s just wonderful and makes for some hilarious situations.

I loved Vinnie and Aaron. Aaron is the straight man, literally. He loves fishing, he loves his lawn, and he loves women. Vinnie loves cooking, he loves his Italian roots, so he loves his mama.

I also loved the way that Aaron got enveloped into Vinnie’s family. He took it like a fish to water. They were so accepting of him and Aaron just ate it up. It was really heartwarming to watch.

The relationship between Aaron and Vinnie was a joy to see developed. Once they got their sea legs they fell into a nice routine which Aaron really enjoyed. There was also some hilarious moments that really made me lol.

The pace of the story is solid. It has a firm beginning, a middle composed of a few parts, and a conclusive conclusion. Aaron struggles with is he gay, is he bi or is he straight or just gay for Vinnie. He wrestles with that for a while and with the help of his best friend comes to a conclusion. This introduces the ending and conclusion of the story which leads to a HEA.

My only issue with the story was the poly family. I felt it was unnecessary to this story. I wish that part would have been left out. He still could have had a huge family without it being poly.

I do recommend this story because it morphed the plot of “Can you turn a straight boy gay?” This is like the Australian version with a twist and some colorful characters.

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Galley copy of The Straight Boyfriend provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.

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