Power Chords (Natosha’s Review)

Title: Power Chords
Author: Elizabeth Coldwell
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Release Date: November 8, 2016
Genre(s): Master/Slave, mild BDSM, rockstars, gay erotic romance, short story
Page Count: 52 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Music is his life—submission is his desire.

As part of the hottest rock band on the planet, Code Black, Dax Carter and Jordan Reeves have it all. Their music is driven by their love-hate relationship, and their fans love the conflict they create on stage. It doesn’t help that there’s a simmering attraction between them that Dax refuses to acknowledge because he’s conflicted about being bisexual. Jordan fantasizes about submitting to Dax, who has all the attributes of his perfect master.

With the band under pressure to write the songs for their new album, their manager rents an isolated cabin so Dax and Jordan can have perfect quiet to create. While cooped up together, their creative and personal tension comes to a head. What starts as a fistfight turns into something much more erotic. Has Dax finally realized what Jordan wants from him, and how will Jordan react when he is forced to obey all of Dax’s desires? Can their relationship in and out of the band ever be the same again?

Man talk about sexual tension. These two men, Jordan and Dax, have that in spades and then some.

The problem is Dax is firmly in the closet about being a bisexual and Jordan is totally in love with Dax and it is starting to affect him when they are on stage together.

All it takes for things to come to head for these two men is for Cliff, their band manager, to lock the two of them in a remote cabin for two weeks. While they are supposed to be writing new music for anew albums things get heated once again between them. This time is different though because there is no one there to stop what is about to happen.

The submissive in Jordan is so drawn to the master in Dax that he does not hesitate to take the punishment that Dax desires to give him. He takes it and loves every minute of it. Jordan is finally able to fulfill the fantasy of Dax owning him and controlling him in every way possible. It is a dream come true for Jordan.

The thing about dreams is they usually come to an end. The question that Jordan is faced with now is where does this leave him and Dax once they head back to where real world? Will they continue on their exploration of each other’s bodies and feelings? Or will things go back to the way they was before with Dax hooking up with random girls and Jordan pining away for Dax?

This was a quick read with a lot of sexual tension that is either going to blow up everyone around them or it is going to combust and finally land Dax and Jordan where both seem to want to be. It may have been a quick read but these two men have so much tension between them that I was able to feel it coming off the pages as I read this book. This was a good read and I look forward to more books in the future by Elizabeth Coldwell.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Power Chords provided by Pride Publishing in exchange of an honest review.

This is a short story about two band members. One is out in the open and in love with his band member. The other is firmly in the closet where him being bisexual is concerned. This is a short story that is hot and full of sexual tension that blows the pages up as you it.

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