Obscura Burning

Title: Obscura Burning (2nd Edition)
Author: Suzanne van Rooyen
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Release Date: November 10, 2016
Genre(s): Paranormal, betrayal, mystery/suspense
Page Count: 233 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

2nd Edition

The world’s going to end in fire… and it’s all Kyle’s fault.

It starts with a bad decision. The night Kyle cheats on his boyfriend Danny with their female friend Shira, a blaze leaves his best friends dead and Kyle disfigured for life. The fire coincides with the appearance of Obscura—a mysterious and unknown new planet. Now Kyle is trapped between two different realities. Each morning, he never knows if he’ll open his eyes to a world where Danny is alive and Shira is dead… or an alternate reality where Danny is gone and Kyle enjoys a more-than-just-friends relationship with Shira.

Bouncing back and forth is taking a toll not only on Kyle, but on the world that might perish along with him. Amid the collapse of his parents’ marriage and with realities shifting every time he closes his eyes, Kyle must discover how these events relate to Obscura… and he’s the only one who can prevent everything from going down in flames.

First Edition published by Etopia Press, 2012.

I am kind of speechless after reading this book. I can say I honestly do not know if I like the book or not. While I was reading this book about Kyle shifting back and forth between realities and in one reality his boyfriend Daniel is alive and in the other their best friend Shira is alive and all along Kyle cannot remember what happened the night of the fire, I kept coming up with different conclusions as to what I thought was happening but reality is, I did not have a clue as to how this was going to end.

Sitting here writing this review I am still kind of blown away by this book. It left me confused as to whether I like it or if I didn’t like it and I can honestly say that I have never had a book leave me feeling this way before.

As far as the writing itself went, I think that Suzanne did an amazing job with that because this book kept jumping from one reality to the next and Suzanne wrote the book in a way that did not leave me confused as to where Kyle was. With all the jumping back and forth it could have become confusing but it was the work of an amazing author that is able to write this type of book and not confuse the reader. So cudos to Suzanne.

As far as the book itself goes, I truly felt sorry for Kyle. Having to live in different realities and not knowing from one moment to the next which one it was going to be was really sad. Especially since the two people he cared about the most he could not be with both in either reality. It was either the reality with Shira or it was the reality with Daniel. But what really made me feel the saddest for him was when all the revaluations of the night of the fire come to light and he learned the truth. My heart broke for him in some ways but in other ways I was angry at him too.

Like I said this book really left me confused as to how I truly feel about it. If for no other reason then that I think this book will stay with me for a while and I will ponder over my feelings about how it all turned out in the end.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Obscura Burning (2nd Edition) provided by Harmony Ink Press in exchange of an honest review.

This is the first book I can honestly say that left me with mixed emotions as to where I liked the book or not. I can honestly say I have never felt that way before. Regardless I was truly impressed with the authors writing abilities, this book could not have been easy to write but Suzanne did an amazing job doing so. Also I can say I never s en what was going to happen happening. It kind of blew my mind.

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