Coming Out Can Be Murder (Bobbi Logan #.5)

Coming Out Can Be Murder
Title: Coming Out Can Be Murder (Bobbi Logan #.5)
Author: Renee James
Publisher: Windy City Publishers
Release Date: May 3, 2012
Genre(s): Transgender, Mystery/Thriller
Page Count: 278
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 1 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

First he wants her… then he wants her dead.

Bobbi Logan’s life and career begin to spiral downward when she comes out as a transgendered woman. But the gutsy hairdresser is determined to live her “new” life authentically, even as she is drawn into the investigation of her brutally murdered friend.

The Chicago police have all but said they’re not interested in the death of a “tranny” and the media has failed to report it. As she follows a trail of evidence through the shadowy underground of the Windy City, Bobbi is led to John Strand, a seductive powerbroker. Coming face-to-face with the number-one suspect can only lead to one thing… murder. But who will it be?

When I started A Kind of Justice I had no idea that it was a second book in Bobbi Logan Crime Novel series . But I loved the writing so much, that I immediately purchased the only other already published book by the author WITHOUT even knowing that it was the first book to the series. Can you imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I found out that there was a background, a BEGINNING story of Bobby Logan!

I normally do not read series backwards; it is not my art. And if I unintentionally pick up a book that is a part of the series, then I try to cope the situation and figure out what happened BEFORE by myself without giving up. But I NEVER go back.
Renee James made me break my own rules. And I’m soooo glad she did!

As an experienced Bobby Logan’s expert, I dare to say, that you can read two books (I don’t know if more will come, so I mean really only the first two books in the series), as a stand-alone, or in any order you like, you won’t miss anything. The author succeeded to create two full length novels that are OF COURSE closely connected to each other, but every single one gives you a completed story.

I am though glad that I read it in the wrong order. If you think I knew everything already, and it made a suspense part for me less thrilling- you are WRONG!!! I thought I knew it, NO; I did not! I just can’t say more, because a normal reader is supposed to read a series in a release date’s order, so I am not going to spoil you anything.

Aside from an intriguing and interesting mystery part (as you know, I’m a big mystery fan), I enjoyed this book in the first place because of Booby Logan. If in the second book Bobby went already through a surgical operation and transition, in the fist book she IS in her transition phase, and comes out to her hair dresser colleagues and to her ex-wife only at the middle of the book. The first person POV gives you very intimate insights into a world of a trans-woman. I have to admit though that I was surprised to meet insecure Bobby after I already know her position from the second book. On the one hand, she is sure that she doesn’t want to be Robert EVER AGAIN, on the other, she has doubts and fears about her decision. Though she knows that it is the only way for her to be happy.

“I don’t want to spend my life pretending to be a man, not when I can spend it trying to be a woman.”

I didn’t know that if a duration of hormonal treatments will exceed a certain time, there is a point of no return! It is why Bobby tries to go celibate through her transition phase, because she doesn’t want her sex life be able to influence her decision in any way. But we all know that a real life has sometimes a different scenario. And it is actually where a mystery parts leads…

So, yes, the driving force, the greatest strength, a true magnet of the series is the main character. Booby Logan maybe will not change your view on trans-sexuality, but she for sure expand your horizons and enrich your knowledge and understanding of transgender people. in the most charming and charismatic way, though I’m aware that reality for them is far away from a fairy tale. And THAT I learned also from this book.

P.S I’d like especially thank the author for her Author’s Notes at the end of the book.

Highly recommended!

Bobbi Logan Series

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