Snow and Secrets (Standford Creek #3)

Title: Snow and Secrets (Stanford Creek #3)
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, Military, seals, boy band, mystery, danger
Page Count: 150 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

First comes trust, then love… then the fight to stay alive.

Pop star Tyler Hart is desperate for peace after a humiliating public scandal. It seems like Stanford Creek may well be the place to lay low. After all, it worked for his friends and former bandmates, Cody and Danny. He borrows a cabin and settles in for a quiet Christmas…well, not quite.

Garrett Campbell is on the run. Wounded in the line of duty, he escapes to the only place he feels safe, Stanford Creek and his brother’s cabin. Only he doesn’t realize he’ll have a roommate, and a sexy one at that.

Amid snow falls and winter winds, passion burns bright. When danger threatens to follow Garrett, he has to decide whether to run again before his secrets could kill him and the man of his dreams.

This book is a book with fanboying, a little bit of a mystery, some danger, a lot of lust, and eventually love. This was a good read and I really enjoyed it. RJ Scott wrote a very intriguing book and it was a very interesting read.

Ty is in a boy band but his agent is a homophobic jerk who does not stand behind his client. When a scandal arises and Ty is front and center in it, his agent tells him they will take care of it but he will no longer represent Ty basically because of his lifestyle and the fact hat he is gay. Good riddance in my opinion. The thing is the scandal has not gone away and the press is only getting worse with accusations of everything that is so far from the truth that Ty is truly athis breaking point. So he decides to get away and heads to Vermont for what he hopes is some solitude so he can get himself together and hopefully the scandal will start to die down so he can get back to his life again.

Ty never expected to have a guest at the cabin he was staying in when he arrived and he definitely did not anticipate on being attracted to this guest but that is exactly what happens. From his first look at Garrett he was smitten.

Garrett never expected for the mess that happened while trying to rescue someone to happen and he definitely did not think he would come out of it alive. But he did and now he wants some answers. Answers that someone wants to stay buried and will do anything to make sure that they do. When his boss convinces him to go home and lay low and recover, Garrett heads to his brothers cabin. The last person he expects to be his roommate is the person he has had fantasies about for so long. To say it was a nice surprise is putting it mildly.

The more Ty and Garrett get to know each other the closer they become but Garrett is still hiding stuff about himself from Ty and those secrets are about to come out in a very explosive way that may end up killing both men.

This was a wonderful read filled full of two men trying to escape their realities of life for some wound licking and solitude. Not only do they get that but they get each other too, which is way better. I enjoyed reading their journey and watching both men come back to life because of each other. This book was even better because of the fantasy come true for both men because they both have had certain fantasies about he other. It is was nice to find out more about Garrett’s mystery mission that went wrong and why it went wrong in the first place. I honestly felt bad for both Ty and Garrett because of they each had been through prior to meeting each other. Though totally different situations, it affected each of them in different ways and different reasons. It was nice seeing them over come it and become stronger because of it.

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