A Christmas Kiss (PIU’s Review)

A Christmas Kiss.Title: A Christmas Kiss
Author: Annabelle Jacobs
Publisher: self-published
Release Date: 18th Nov, 2016
Genre(s): Romance, Best friends to lovers, Novella
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Keeping secrets from your best friend isn’t right, but it’s easier than admitting you’ve fallen in love with him.

Sharing a late-night kiss with his best friend, Alex, is Riley’s dream come true. Waking up to discover Alex was too drunk to remember anything is more like a nightmare. Scared the truth could destroy their friendship, Riley keeps quiet and pretends nothing happened.

Alex can’t shake the feeling that he said or did something stupid on their group’s drunken weekend away—why else would Riley be avoiding him? Although the explanation he finally gets sounds plausible, Riley’s still acting strange, and trying to figure out why that is unearths emotions Alex has worked hard to bury.

Riley knows not telling Alex how he feels is probably selfish, but he wants one last normal Christmas before he has to come clean and face the potential fallout.

He should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.

“A Christmas Kiss” is a sweet and fluffy holiday novella which comes with my favorite trope: best friends to lovers. With snowy mountains and a cozy cabin as the setting for this novella, it does not need to be said that love is definitely in the cards for our MCs, best friends Alex and Riley.

Riley has been best friends with Alex since high school. They are inseparable and can read each other like an old married couple. Riley has been in love with Alex for two years but has never mustered the courage to come out and say it. On the fateful night, copious amounts of alcohol gives him the courage to finally show Riley how he truly feels. That one kiss gives him hope of a different relationship with Alex but come next morning, Riley’s heart breaks when Alex forgets their kiss completely.

Alex and Riley’s friendship suffers as Riley struggles to hide his hurt feelings whereas Alex tries to figure out why Riley is acting weird and distant. Riley is scared of ruining his friendship with Alex by confessing about his feelings but with ample push and nudging from their meddlesome best friends, Riley is able to come clean to Alex. Will Alex return Riley’s love??? Will they get their HEA during the magical season of Christmas??? Read to find out!!

This read is short with a little angst, a lot of longing and a good dose of plain old love. Just one hitch in the story was Alex’s complete obliviousness towards Riley’s feelings. I could not believe that all their friends could read Riley so easily but Alex being his best friend could not catch on to Riley’s feelings. Regardless of that, I did enjoy reading this sweet novella. All the longing and suppressed passion does end with a sweet and cute HEA.

It’s a perfect holiday novella with loads of snow and love. Pick this up for enjoying a feel-good romance and be ready for loads of cuddles in a cold winter night.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of A Christmas Kiss provided by Annabelle Jacobs in exchange of an honest review.