Grayson: A Bully Novel (Bully Series #1)

Title: Grayson: A Bulky Novel (Bully series #1)
Author: Morgan Campbell
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: December 5, 2016
Genre(s): Gay contemporary love, bullying, violence, self harm, attempted suicide, CEO, second chance series
Page Count: 314 pages
Reviewed by: Natosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Ten years ago…
A month and a half ago, I made a choice.
A choice that nearly cost me everything:
my friends, my family, my life.
Who knew that choice would nearly cost me my future?

Ten Years Later…
Grayson Michaels made that fateful decision as a teenager, he’s determined to not let the past define him. Control him. Bind him. Vulnerability is not an option. When his demons surface in the form of Finn Abbott, Grayson learns that everything isn’t as it seems.

Finn Abbott is trying to put his life back together. Divorce, house arrest, and a slew of lovers have only caused his life to spiral out of control. But a job offer comes along and everything seems to be back on track. That is until the ghost of a scorned boy returns in the form of a vengeful man.

Fate is a fickle friend. Questions need answered and debts need repaid. What happens when past and present collide? Can two people destined to be enemies find love instead? As they say, there’s a fine line between love and hate.

This book was such a gut wrenching emotional book that I can see being a reality now days in our schools. I cried, I was angry, I felt the hurt, the betrayal, the pain, and ultimately the forgiveness, and eventually love. When I first read the description of this book I knew I wanted to read it. I was definitely drawn to this book. I knew it would be one of those books that would stay with me for some time to come and I was not wrong.

Gray is introduced immediately in this book. From the very first chapter I knew that he was going to have a huge impact on me and the things that was not said but I felt that had happened to him. I knew that Gray had my heart from the first page or two.

Gray is an artist at heart. He loves to paint all the beauty that he sees in the world. When it comes to school he is the person that stands in the background that most do not notice but he is fine with that. He is happy with his life the way it is. He has two best friends at school that he enjoys being around, he has his mom that could not be more perfect if she tried, he has amazing aunts and uncles, he has a boyfriend that he is falling for fast and hard even though he is only 16 at the time. He has his painting that brings him peace. He is gay but not the flash it to the world or in your face about it. The ones that matter to him knows and accepts him and that is what matters to him.

Grays life is about to change because of his hero worship towards a fellow classmate. In art the assignment is to draw or paint someone that you look up too and Gray innocently takes this opportunity to paint his version of Finn, the football star that he idolized. Gray painted Finn because he admired him for the way he treated people around him. For his confidence For the sadness he sees in his eyes that you never see on his face. So Gray paints what he sees and it is his best work to date.

This portrait that was done innocently with no malice, no other intentions then showing the respect that Gray had for his fellow classmate will change the course of Gray’s life forever. For the following month and a half after Gray presents his portrait, Gray experiences being out of the shadow and the focus of a groups hate. His safe content world is turned upside down and inside out as Finn and his friends begin to torment Gray on almost a daily basis. At first it starts out small and even though things are precarious at school, at home things are good. Gray and Logan (Gray’s boyfriend) are getting closer and Gray is becoming more confident in their relationship. But eventually as the torment and the relentless bullying from Finn and his friends continue and start to escalate the good things in Gray’s life starts to dim. Over that month and a half things that used to be bright and the happiness that’s gray felt diminished into this cloud of pain, hatred for himself, shame for who he is, and eventually to the feelings of worthlessness that had Gray convinced everyone would be better off without him in the world any longer.

Gray got to the point that the bullying and the hate that was spilled into his life from what felt like everyone became the constant in Gray’s life. The light that used to shine in his eyes was gone and hollowness and nothingness is what replaced it until Gray could no longer take it. Gray did what he felt he had to do and it was something that would change not only his life but the lives of those that love him for the rest of all of their lives. Gray took matters into his own hands and decided it was time to give all the bullies exactly what they wanted and end it all.

Fast forward ten years and Finn is going. Through a divorce, landed himself on probation and house arrest, and for the first time ever able to live his life the way he always wanted to but was to scared to do because of his father. Finn was finally able to shed his secrets about being gay and live his life in the open. Finn even got a ne job at GAM tbhat he is excelling at. He feels like his life is finally for the first time ever living. His life the way he was meant too instead of the way others expected him too. That is until the past smacks him in the face. Everyone makes mistakes in the past but it is the way that we make amends for those mistakes that makes us who we are. Finn is about to find out just how badly his bullying affected the one person he wished he could have been with all his life, Gray.

This journey that Finn and Gray is about to embark on is not pretty. At times it is brutal. At other times it is heart wrenching and heart breaking but it definitely a path that these to men are meant to take. The question is m, when it is all said and done what side of it all will they come out on. Both men will be forever changed once again in their life. The only thing is, will it be for the good or will it be for the bad?

This book was such an emotional roller coaster. Morgan Campbell did such an amazing job with such a serious subject matter. The subject matter in this book is something that is very real in our world today and I believe that with the book being such a serious matter that Morgan held nothing back. There are vivid details that some may not be able to handle but I do believe that this is a story that NEEDED to be told. And it was don’t so with such honesty and detail that you would almost believe that this all truly happened.

I truly look forward to reading book two in this series and I anticipate it being just as honest and detailed as this book was but I also believe that it to is a book that needs to be told. I can’t wait to read it.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Grayson: A Bully Novel (Bully Series #1) provided by Morgan Campbell in exchange of an honest review.

From what i can tell this is the first book by Mogan Campbell. What a way to come out swinging. This is a book with very serious subject matter and I personally believe that it is a story that NEEDED TO BE TOLD even though there is some graphi details. This is a book that is very emotional from the start to the finish but it is also a book that I would say brings awareness to those that read it. Warning: there is triggers for bullying, violence, self harm, attempted suicide.

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