Lisa Marie Davis’s Greatest Hits

Lisa Marie Davis's Greatest Hits.Title: Lisa Marie Davis’s Greatest Hits
Author: Lisa Marie Davis
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 16th Dec, 2016
Genre(s): Romance, Murder, Broken/Damaged Heroes, Insta-love, Book Bundle
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Settle in for some sweet romance-and a little suspense-with the best of Lisa Marie Davis in this collection. InHere and Now, HIV-postive Jaxon Hawke is content with his orderly life, but Cyrus Carson threatens to upend everything, if Jaxon will let him in. Five years ago, Ayden Judson sacrifice everything for his father’s company, inIn His Arms Again, but when Simon Gibson crashes into his life, Ayden will have to reconsider his priorities. InShadows from the Past, Chase Churchill is hiding from his family’s secrets, including his serial killer father, and determined not to let anyone too close, until the murders begin again and Chase has to keep police officer Kayne Kennedy safe. Thirteen years ago, Jasper’s world changed when his sixteen-year-old sister disappeared and then was found murdered, inJasper’s Journey; now Zander Macon believes the original investigation wasn’t handled properly, and someone is willing to respond to their questions with lethal force. InThe End Game, the bloody memories of Micah McQueen’s first love affair still haunt him, and getting involved with his boss Harrison Harper seems like even less of a good idea when Micah’s past returns. Finally, inSweet Lyric, Lyric Spencer has been running hard when a job interview with Jonas Lamar almost leads to sex, but despite their instant attraction, there’s still plenty of issues to work through before they can build a future.

Lisa Marie Davis’s Greatest Hits book bundle is a great collection of stories which ranges from crime, drama, broken heroes to insta-love. It will cater to a wide range of readers. The stories whatever the plot maybe, features very strong romances and I really enjoyed each and every one of them.

Here and Now

In this read, we get the story of Jaxon Hawke who is HIV positive and a local success story. After moving on from his terrible past, Jaxon has struggled and created a respective life of his own. He has never indulged in any personal relationships due to his condition, which he thinks is the ultimate reason for not getting involved with anyone. Enter Cyrus Carson. The guy is successful and utterly gorgeous and he has the hots for Jaxon. Cyrus pursues Jaxon relentlessly even after knowing about his sickness. They fall into a blissful romance but Jaxon’s insecurities and fears makes him second guessing their relationship. But don’t worry guys, Jaxon finally realizes that he can’t let his fears for his future ruin the love he has for Cyrus and thus we get an HEA, which was sweet and emotional and so deserving.

In His Arms Again

Ayden Judson is forced to hide his sexuality and live a miserable existence when his late father’s will demands him to be “not gay” and married to a “woman”, if he wants his father’s company. It has been five years since then and he has given up any hope for love until Simon Gibson falls on his lap, literally. After an impromptu hot as hell encounter on board the plane they meet on, Ayden is sure he has found his soulmate. But after Simon learns of his “married” status, he is not keen on pursuing anything with Ayden. Ayden has to get his priorities straight and rearrange his entire life if he wants to keep the love of his life.

Shadows from the Past

Chase Churchill is hiding from his family’s sins. His father is a serial killer and Chase has run as far away from his previous life as he could. He has never engaged in more than a one-night stand until Kayne Kennedy. Kayne is a cop and Chase finds himself helplessly falling in love despite his reservations. Chase’s insecurities get better of him and he breaks up with Kennedy. But when people around him start to get brutally murdered, Kayne is the only person who can keep him safe and sane. Kayne loves Chase and he will try his very best to protect his love while reassuring him that Chase’s past will not affect his love for him in the slightest.

Jasper’s Journey

Jasper’s sister is murdered in a brutal way when he was merely a boy. After that incident his life changes drastically. Jasper carries excessive emotional scars from his old life and he struggles to rebuild a new one. But after his mother’s suicide attempt, Jasper has no choice but to go back to his hometown and face his hellish past once again. There he meets Zander Macon, his sister’s school friend who is now determined to get to the bottom of Jasper’s sister’s unsolved murder case. But there are individuals who will do anything to keep the heinous secret behind the murder, buried. In midst of threats and emotional upheaval, Jasper finds love and hope in Zander which he has never hoped to experience in his life.

This is my favorite among all six. I loved the danger and the secret which gradually comes to light as the story progresses. This story was quite emotional with the huge amount of baggages that came with Jasper. He suffered the most here and I had a really hard time reading about his ordeals. The HEA and the conclusion to the murder case were realistic and very nicely done. Murder, abuse, secrets and finally love is combined perfectly here to make an amazing crime/romance novel.

The End Game

Micah McQueen has a bloody past which has left him incapable of trusting someone enough to love him. He carries the scars of his ill-fated love affair both emotionally and physically. Micah keeps to himself and avoids any romantic entanglements diligently. But his feelings for his boss, the handsome and charismatic, Harrison Harper cannot be helped especially when the said man is dead set on making Micah his. When Micah’s past comes back as a threat to both him and his love, he needs Harrison more than ever to protect him and cherish him all the more.

This story is very short and the events happen super fast. Micah and Harrison have been fielding their attraction for seven years when the story starts but as they get together, love develops pretty soon. It’s a novella but the character development is very nice and the plotline is solid.

Sweet Lyric

Lyric Spencer’s family threw him out after a scandal which changes his life completely. After three years of wandering he lands in Maryville, Tennessee. While looking for a job Lyric meets Jonas Lamar and BAM!!! its love at first sight. Lyric knows that Jonas is it for him but there are individuals who are not happy with this new development. The couple has to weather a jealous and psychotic friend, Lyric’s asshole family and a few road accidents before they can get to their HEA.

The author’s writing style is very nice. Each book is not too big but still the author manages to produce a solid plotline with very well defined and well developed characters. All the stories have very nice conclusions with a guaranteed HEA. This book bundle provides an engaging and interesting mix of stories which all have one thing in common: LOVE!!!!

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