The Road Home

The Road Home

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Title: The Road Home
Author: Elsa Winters and Brad Vance
Publisher: Pub Yourself Press
Release Date: December 25, 2016
Genre(s): New Adult, Gay Contemporay Romance
Page Count: 183 pages
Reviewed by: Natalie
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

“I’m your friend, Andrew. I think I’m the only friend you’ve got.”

Nick Carpenter grew up in the foster system after watching his parents die in a car crash. Now, he’s finally found a place for himself as an EMT. Partnered with a gruff but very competent paramedic as his first assignment in Seattle, he figures that it’s best to keep this working relationship strictly professional, even if Andrew is hot as hell.

“You let the patient talk, Nick, because sooner or later they’ll probably tell you what you need to know.”

Andrew Hazard loves his job, even if he gets paired with a different EMT every couple weeks. Once an EMT proves himself incompetent, Andrew makes no effort to be friends with them. That’s why it’s such a relief when Nick comes along. He keeps the ambulance stocked, he can drive well, and he knows how to start an IV. He’s great at saving lives, and also a great person to hang out with. From hiking to movies, they find themselves spending a lot of time with each other. Nick’s homosexuality definitely isn’t a problem, even though Andrew’s girlfriend jokes that he wants to spend more time with Nick than with her.

“You wanna go on an adventure?”

When Andrew gets the chance of a lifetime – going to the prestigious UCLA Medical School – his girlfriend doesn’t share his enthusiasm. And so, freshly broken up, Andrew asks Nick to go with him on a road trip down south to check out the area. Nick wants to keep him as his best friend, even though his romantic feelings have reached a fever pitch. But he also realizes that this could be his last chance to let Andrew know how he feels. Will Andrew let Nick into his heart, or will this road trip be their last hurrah?

Never read an Elsa Winters book but I have read Brad Vance’s work previously, and I’m a fan. I was intrigued to see how this co-writing project would work and it went over splendidly!


Andrew is a ball breaking medic. He’s gone through his fair share of partners. None ever good enough to stick it out for the long haul. Andrew puts them through the ringer, and the turnover rate is laughable. Andrew is very much set in his ways, and if the new recruits can’t abide by his rules, they have to go.

Enter Nick. Nick is an EMT, and he’s been tasked with partnering up with Andrew. Nick already has a sense of what he’s dealing with when it comes to Andrew’s perfectionism, and he’s prepared. Andrew tests him, and Nick is two steps ahead. This goes on for a bit and finally Andrew lets his guard down once he realizes Nick is indeed competent.

Naturally, as time progresses, the guys become closer, and a friendship ensues. Andrew is bi and initially single when he and Nick meet, but in the middle of their friendship he begins dating Carrie. Ha… sexual tension and pining are cranked up to about 100 at this stage. Nick has it bad for Andrew. Like suuuuuper bad.

Nick is gay and out but not too out in the workplace however Andrew knows about Nick’s sexuality. And here we have our story. Will they or won’t they?


Clearly, a lot of research went into this storyline. That’s usually the case with a Brad Vance read. The reader has a better experience because of it. Also, I enjoyed the writing a great deal. A very fluid style. The character development was also great, but something was missing for me that I can’t quite put my finger on regarding the conflict/tension between Andrew and Nick. It wasn’t enough, maybe? Don’t get me wrong there were a few hurdles the gents had to conquer to reach the happily ever after stage, but there was just something that didn’t completely satisfy me. Nonetheless, this was a good effort worthy of your reading time, and I give it four stars.

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