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  • You should be ashamed of yourself clearly sandrine who by the way was a close friend of mine wonfrom votes! yet you gave it to another author without a care for those who voted. I will not be coming to your page anymore since it’s a fraud.

  • Not sure how you can possible congratulate an author for having the favorite book of the year WHEN THEY DIDN’T! Why bother even entering Sandrine’s book if you were never going to let her win. If I was that second placed author I would feel terrible, embarrassed & furious with you for undermining the vote – in fact I’d insist you remove my name.

  • Very disappointed in this so call VOTE . I
    Sandrine Gasq-Dion won and you gave it to someone else. I will NEVER come to your site again and I’ve passed this information to all my Family and Friends who have voted. To ban your site.

  • I’m so furious that I do not know what to say, I really hope you apologize to family and fans and do it right. This is bullshit without size.

  • Your poll was bullshit. I couldn’t care less what your excuses are. Sandrine Gasq-Dion won, clearly, yet you pulled her from the top spot. I will no longer support nor vote on this site

  • You should be ashamed for what you’ve done. Never will I participate in anything dealing with your page/group again. Way to show how honest and trustworthy gaynook.reviews is. I don’t understand how the authors that supposedly won can accept the honor. SMH. Shame Shame Shame.

    • concordo plenamente. é uma vergonha. Isso mostra a falsidade, Se gostasse mesmo de saber o que gostamos não fariam uma cachorrada
      dessa. Que vergonha.

  • I am so disappointed and pissed your site is a fraud
    Clearly you guys don’t play by rules
    Sandrine clearly won for Favorite author and book
    You lost Yet another follower
    Disgusting fakes


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