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Please welcome Taylor V. Donovan to the blog today chatting about her re-release of the fan favorite Six Degrees of Lust. Be sure to comment to enter the giveaway!

Hello everyone. My name’s Taylor and I’m an author of gay romance and suspense. Today I’m here to introduce you guys to Mac, one of the main character of Six Degrees of Lust, the first installment in my By Degrees series, which is romantic suspense featuring a serial killer of gay men and the FBI team leader trying to catch him. A huge thank you to Gay Book Reviews for hosting me. 🙂

This is a quick-fire interview I did with Mac when we started working together in 2010. Enjoy!

Name: Machlan Sean O’Bannon. Everyone calls me Mac.
Age: Thirty.
Height: Six-foot-five.
Birth Place: Austin, Texas.
Hair: Blond.
Eyes: Green.
Dominant Character Trait: Analytical.
Secondary Character Trait: Extremely patient.
Best Friend: from childhood: Her name’s Amy. We’ve been attached at the hip since we were six.
Current best friend: I have a few. Remy, Brax, and Eric. I’m pretty close with Christian, too, even though he’s been living out of state for a long time.
Enemies: I’d say my mother…yeah… Isn’t that horrible?
Family: Mom and Dad. No siblings—it’s just me.
Sees self as: A good person.
Seen by others as: Laid back and good-natured.
Temper: I’m in total control of it.
Basic nature: Dependable.
Educational Background: College degree in business management.
Work Experience: I was a firefighter in Houston before quitting to manage The Five Alarm—a sports bar. We’ve got the best wings in town.
Tattoos: Yes.
Piercings: No.
Lives with: Nobody.
Relationship history: I’d rather not go into details.
Sexual Orientation: Gay.
Nobody would believe me if I told them: I had a boyfriend for a long time.
I wish I could stop: Hiding.
Worst part of my existence: Living two separate lives.
A good time for me is: Dancing and forgetting my problems.
Worse advice I ever received: To give my parents five years of my adult life, as time flies by in the blink of an eye.
When I feel sorry for myself I: Snap out of it and come up with solutions to fix whatever’s bugging me.
Pet peeves: People playing with their phones when I’m talking to them.
What is the quality you most like in a man: Honorability.
I can die happy when: After I’ve spent a lifetime with the man who drives me wild in every sense of the word.

And there you have it, a little taste of Mac, available to you from Dreamspinners press. If you’re into romantic suspense and ensemble casts, go get your copy right now! 🙂

P.S. I’ve brought some copies to give away. Let me know what your criminal investigations TV show is, or your favourite serial killer book or movie, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a set of signed paperbacks of the Second Edition of Six Degrees of Lust and Six Degrees of Separation, and one electronic set.

P.S. 2 Six Degrees of Lust, Second Edition, releases today. If you read the first version, I’d still recommend you get this one as well, as some characters were fleshed out and, even though the story arc remains basically the same, there are tweaks foreshadowing events in Six Degrees of Separation, which in turn leads to events in Six Degrees of Agony, finally coming to you late 2017.

Good luck!

Title: Six Degrees of Lust (By Degrees book 1) 2nd edition
Author: Taylor V Donovan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: January 2, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary Erotic Gay Romance
Page Count: 392 pages

By Degrees is an ensemble character series with multiple points of view.

2nd Edition

New York City FBI team leader Samuel Shaughnessy lives for his immediate family and his job. After a marriage gone wrong, he has stuck to a firm rule when it comes to relationships: he doesn’t have them. Sexually active and emotionally unavailable keeps him satisfied, especially now that he is in hot pursuit of a serial killer targeting gay men.

Former firefighter Machlan O’Bannon now manages a successful sports bar in Houston, and after years of waiting, he’s ready to stand up and be the man he always wanted to be: out, proud and drama-free. His politically-aligned family wants to keep him locked in the closet, but Mac just wants to meet the man of his dreams.

One man is as high strung as the other is laid back. A chance meeting brings them together, and one night of passion ignites a fire neither can fight. Their lives are not only miles apart, but as different as day and night. They don’t want to get involved, but they might not be able to keep apart.

First Edition published by MLR Press, December 2011.

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By Degrees Series

Author Bio

Taylor V. Donovan is a compulsive reader and author of gay romance and suspense. She is optimistically cynical about humanity and a lover of history, museums, and all things 80s. She shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television, is crazy about fashion, and passionate about civil rights and equality for all.

When she’s not writing or making a living in the busiest city in the world, Taylor can be found raising her two daughters and their terribly misbehaved furry baby in their home.

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  • I don’t watch much TV … reading is my thing! But I love the Jason Bourne Movies! Absolutely love your books Taylor … especially the Degrees series! Can’t wait for your new books to be available!


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