The Impossible Boy (PIU’s Review)

The Impossible Boy.
Title: The Impossible Boy
Author: Anna Martin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 16th Jan, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary, Age-difference, Silver Fox
Page Count : 204
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

This is not your average love story.

Ben Easton is not your average romantic hero. He’s a tattooed, badass, wannabe rock star, working in a perfectly horrible dive bar in Camden Town. His life is good, and he’s totally unprepared for how one man will turn it upside down.

Stan isn’t your average heroine. As a gender-fluid man, he proudly wears his blond hair long, his heels sky-high, and his makeup perfectly executed. A fashion industry prodigy, Stan is in London after stints working in Italy and New York City, and he quickly falls for Ben’s devil-may-care attitude and the warm, soft heart Ben hides behind it.

Beneath the perfect, elegant exterior, Stan has plenty of scars from teenage battles with anorexia. And it only takes the slightest slip for his demons to rush back in while Ben is away touring with his band. With the band on the brink of a breakthrough, Ben is forced to find a way to balance the opportunity of a lifetime with caring for his beautiful boyfriend.

Anna Martin writes “love” like no one else. I have read her previous works but she outdid herself with this one. WOW! This book is beyond amazing. I was flooded with the feel of love, friendship and acceptance.

Stan Novikov is different. He is delicate and looks like a strikingly gorgeous girl with long blonde hair and legs that go on for miles. He defines himself as gender fluid and wears high heels and impeccable makeup with utter style and grace. Stan is 22 and works as a fashion journalist and has recently moved to London.

I’m a boy and a girl both, in different ways. some people call it gender-fluid.”

Ben Easton works as a bartender while also moonlighting as the lead guitarist of Ares, a band comprised of his eclectic group of friends. Ben looks like a punk rocker with his Mohawk and his uniform of black jeans and black band t-shirts but he is far from a diehard musician. He is sweet and kind and the most loving and accepting human being ever.

When Stan walks into Ben’s bar one night, Ben is awed by Stan’s beauty. Ben is bisexual so when he finds out that Stan is actually a boy, his attraction for the gorgeous Stan does not go down even a notch. They strike up a tentative relationship that grows and deepens with leaps and bounds as they spend more and more time together. They fall in love of the helpless/sweetest/most amazing/forever kind and both couldn’t be more happier. The Stan’s anorexia makes a devastating appearance which lands him in the hospital. Now, both of them need each other more than ever to reach their HEA which is waiting just beyond this hurdle which they are sure to overcome.

The romance in this story is very sweet and thoughtful. There is no rush, no angst and no drama. Stan and Ben start with dates which gradually lead to hand holding, sweet and heady kisses, cuddling and then to tender love making. Ben accepts Stan just the way he was, warts and all. After Stan’s relapse, Ben is just as understanding and dedicated as he was before. He never falters from taking care of Stan.

“I can’t offer you much,” Ben said, “but I can promise you a lot. I want you to know that when we figure out whatever this is”—he waved his hand between them—“I’ll make it happen. When we figure out what our family and our future will look like, I’ll do whatever it takes to make that real for us.”

“I want all of you. I love every part of you. All of it.” ~Ben

The utter lack of melodrama, villain, misunderstanding or miscommunication here was very refreshing. The first part is a soothing and lulling romance that will leave you dreamily content with a smile on your face.

He sees the girl and likes her, and can touch the boy and like him too. He doesn’t try and make me ‘fit’ into any tick-box category. he just lets me be.”

On the second half we experience Stan’s mental illness for real. His problems are focused upon and tackled with love and understanding. Along with Ben, Tone, Ben’s best friend and Kirsty, Stan’s friend from work both support Stan and gives him strength to pull through his illness. Ben and Stan clash a little but they learn from each other how to handle the crisis together in the best possible way.

We’re going to do this, and I’m going to sound like an utter bastard, but fuck you, Stan. Fuck you. When we’re together, it’s incredible. I’ve never in my life felt the way I do when we have sex, because you matter to me. That’s why there’s a ring on your finger, and that’s why I made a promise to you. Because when we make love, it’s not about me or you or bodies or getting off, it’s about what we are as people, and what we mean to each other.

The reappearance of Stan’s anorexia was a very significant part of the plot. The serious issue of eating disorder is brought up here with a lot of care. The ordeal also strengthens Ben and Stan’s relationship. Being aware of Stan’s illness could not have prepared Ben for any future complications but when he experiences it intimately, Ben learns more about a part of Stan that he had no more than just a hint of. After they struggle together through it the lovebirds had more of an idea how to handle it better and what measures to take to keep it far away.

The ending of Ben and Stan’s romance was perfect in every sense of the word. They have impending hurdles in their journey ahead coz a mental illness does not magically cure itself. But now Stan has Ben and a whole horde of friends ready to love and support him through good and bad times. Ben’s band is on the road to success and he has his “princess” healing and healthy in his arms. What more could a guy want???

“As long as I can do it with my princess, I can do anything,” Ben murmured, the words soft against Stan’s lips. Stan smiled and pulled himself just a tiny bit closer to Ben’s solid chest. “With my beautiful, impossible boy.”

Highly Recommended!!!

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Review copy of The Impossible Boy provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.

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