Exposure (Gigi’s Review)

Title: Exposure
Author: Elizabeth Lister
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date: June 24, 2011
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 109
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

When 23 year-old Jeremy Trask wanders into Martin Lewis’ photography studio one bleak October day and requests photos for a modeling portfolio, neither man is prepared for the immediate and intense attraction between them. What follows is a series of progressively intimate encounters that leads them on a scintillating erotic journey together. But Jeremy has a secret. Will his revelation destroy the burgeoning intimacy between them? Or will Martin rise to the challenge of loving a ‘less than perfect’ man?

Review of second read on Feb. 24, 2015.

Wow, I am SO GLAD I decided to re-read this one! I had forgotten the entire premise and just how much I loved it. (One advantage of getting old, I guess.)

MC Martin and MC Jeremy meet on a cold October day when Jeremy comes to Martin’s photography studio to have some photos taken for his portfolio. Both men feel a spark of attraction at this first meeting, but it takes a second photo session for them to confirm each others interest. Then they are off and running! The author gives us a first time blow-job scene that could melt the paint off the walls! These boys were so obviously running on more than just sexual attraction from the get-go.

Our boys start dating and the sex is so full of passion and eventually love that I’d like to high five this author as a personal thank you. Damn! Hot as hell! They experiment with some light BDSM play that will have you panting, I guarantee it.

Unfortunately, not all is well in Jeremy’s world and the realization throws Martin for a loop.

Jeremy has MS and had stopped taking his medication, triggering a relapse.
Of COURSE they get their HEA (I don’t read books that don’t!) but the journey to that HEA was just a delight to read. The love, emotion and passion of these boys was second to none.

This book is going on my rarely used Pure Romance shelf, reserved for books that sweep you away with the love and don’t have any unnecessary relationship angst to mare the tale. It is also going on my Absolute Favorites shelf.

Fuck yeah I recommend this one! Read it for a dreamy high of passion, romance and hot sex. You won’t be disappointed.

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