Pieces of Me (PIU’s Review)

Pieces of Me.
Title: Pieces of Me (Spectrum Nights #1)
Author: Melanie Hansen
Publisher: Ninestar Press
Release Date: 16th Jan, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count : 154
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Scott Ashworth is a beautiful man and the hottest club host on the Phoenix gay scene. He takes what he wants, does what he wants, and does whom he wants. It’s a good life, but the journey to local popularity and fame wasn’t an easy one. For all that Scott’s looks are a blessing, at the same time they’re a curse—the source of his alcoholic mother’s inexplicable hatred.

Rylan Mahoney dreams of photojournalistic glory. He’s in Phoenix looking for the story of a lifetime, but the project isn’t coming to fruition. Needing rent money, he accepts a gig at Phoenix Pride hawking lewd lollipops and edible condoms…all while wearing gold lamé hot pants and a matching bow tie. When Rylan’s house keys and street clothes go missing after his shift, he’s desperate, until a stranger in a convertible stops to help.

The man is absolute sex on legs, and Rylan is jolted when he recognizes him—his stepbrother Scott Ashworth, long missing but suddenly larger than life. Scott is affluent and successful now, light years away from his hardscrabble days living with Rylan in a double-wide trailer deep in the heart of the Florida Panhandle.

Reunited after six years apart, Scott and Rylan are determined to put their past behind them, but fate may have other ideas and leave their future in jeopardy yet again.

This story broke my heart multiple times. Just when I thought things cannot get any worse something happened to completely shatter my heart. This read was very emotionally taxing. The MCs go through a lot and I can’t wait to read about their HEA. This book ends in a CLIFFHANGER (that too at the worst possible moment!) but the blurb of the second book is already out so I would just have to patiently wait till it’s out.

Scott Ashworth is the son of the town whore and he is nothing better than white trailer trash. The only thing that has ever worked for him are his looks. He is gorgeous with raven black hair and striking green eyes and Scott milks his appearance for all it’s worth. Scott knows what people talk about him behind his back and he wants nothing more than to get out of his hometown, away from the life he hates with his entire being.

“People wantin’ to look at me, and objectify me, is pretty much all I got goin’ for me.”

Rylan Mahoney’s father is a long distance truck driver who marries Scott’s mother quite impulsively. He shifts with his father to Scott’s trailer and is immediately mesmerized by his stepbrother. Rylan truly sees Scott beyond his beautiful outer shell. He becomes Scott’s best friend and confidant and eventually his lover. Through awkward fumblings, Rylan and Scott’s bond grows with each passing day.

”I’m on your side, Scott. Always”

Everything goes on great as the couple plans for a better future but on the night of Scott’s 18th birthday, a long buried secret shatters what they have built together. The aftermath tears them apart for good.

After 6 long years, Scott and Rylan meet again. Scott is still using his looks to earn a living but beyond the façade of his glamorous life, he is still painfully lonely and starved for love. He does not have any shortage of lovers but no one has ever got truly got him like Rylan had. Rylan and Scott reconnect again as friends as they try to navigate through old memories and feelings. And just when everything starts to fall into place once again, Scott falls prey to a vicious attack! ***CLIFFHANGER***

The author has done a brilliant job in developing the characters of Scott and Rylan. Scott acts all arrogant and nonchalant but he was very vulnerable inside. All the hateful words cut him deeply while he struggle not to show that they didn’t affect him at all. Scott’s resentment, hopelessness and anger are described here vividly. He has never been loved before Rylan and my heart broke time and again for all that he suffered.

Rylan on the other hand is the most kind, honest, loyal and tenacious human being ever. He stands up for what is right and I loved how he had his friend Gabriel’s back in school. That required balls and Rylan had quite pretty huge ones. He becomes Scott’s best friend and is the only one who loved and cared for him unconditionally. His understanding of his father’s hurt and trying to ease his pain in any way he could was praiseworthy.

Besides the MCs the one secondary character who plays a significant role in both Scott and Rylan’s life is Heather Ashworth, Scott’s alcoholic, hate-spewing bitch of a mother. I hated her for making Scott’s life so miserable but when her past was revealed, I could not help but fell pity and sympathy for her.

This story is not very easy to read. Scott’s life was hell most of the time and Rylan’s the only person in his life who always had his back. I can’t wait to read how they finally get their HEA in the next book. Ms. Hansen please we beg you to write faster coz that cliffhanger damn near killed me! PLEASE!!!

Spectrum Nights Series

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