Camouflage (PIU’s Review)

Title: Camouflage
Author: Jon Keys
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: 18th Jan, 2017
Genre(s): Romance
Page Count : 200
Reviewed by: PIU
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 2 stars out of 5

When a serious bout of writer’s block threatens to delay mystery author Drew Daniels’s newest book, his aunt offers her New Orleans apartment in the heart of the French Quarter as a writing retreat. She neglects to mention that it’s occupied by the enigmatic and sexy Finn Murphy, a cemetery tour guide with a penchant for Victorian attire and a Cajun accent.

A body discovered in an open crypt forces reclusive Drew to deal with Finn’s eccentric group of friends and his underlying attraction to the hot Cajun—despite warnings about Finn’s violent past. Drew might write this stuff, but he’s never had to solve a real-life murder. With a deadline looming and a killer on the loose, this retreat is proving to be anything but helpful for Drew’s novel. Drew can only hope he won’t end up a tragic tale for the Ghostly Legends & Lore, Inc. haunted tour.

I am really disappointed in this book. There were so many elements in the blurb which sounded like a prelude to an emotional romantic “cowboy” story but what I got was not at all upto the mark. The story drags a lot with the MCs eating every other minute. They will talk, walk, roam, have sex, sleep and punctuate everything by eating. Humans do need their food but does it need to be mentioned again and again?

Luke and Nash start as online friends and it eventually grows into more as Nash visits Luke for a vacation. Luke’s community is not that accepting of homosexuals and he has always kept himself separate from the others except for his best friend and confidant, Chris (she is a girl). Luke was involved in an affair for many years with a well-known closeted married man before finally coming to his senses and leaving him.

Nash is from Atlanta where he works as a rent boy. After a bad encounter with one of his clients, Nash decides to take up his online friend on his offer to visit him. He keeps his profession from Luke until the very end, the coming out of which leads to a fall-out between them.

I found this read very boring. I skipped through a lot of pages. There is no character development or romantic development as such. Nash’s past is given in bits and pieces at the end but it was not enough to give depth to his character. I did not feel connected with either Luke or Nash.

The men jump into the sack without any build up of their relationship. One minute they are friends hanging out and the next they are making out. There was no chemistry or attraction between them at first and then suddenly they are having sex so the transition of their relationship from friends to lovers was completely out of whack!!

Despite there being an HEA the MCs do not say their “I love you”s until the very end. Without the ‘bushfire from hell’ I don’t think they would have had their chance to even make up. I did not get the feeling that they were in love. I don’t know if I am being too harsh but the romance seriously sucked balls.

The secondary characters here were very sparsely mentioned and except for Chris all of them came off as hostile. Luke’s ex was a creep for sure and had always put Luke down so I did not get why he kept up with him for so long. Another stupid/unnecessary character was Luke’s crazy neighbor. Also Nash’s best friend is introduced in the beginning but he was never mentioned again in the story after. You would think that a best friend would want to check up on his friend but that does not happen even once. Except for the MCs all others were all a weird mish-mash of characters who did nothing to enhance the story in any way.

I wanted a better plot and relationship development and a less rushed and believable ending. It was a complete bust for me. I cannot recommend it.

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