Hipster Brothel (Ele’s Review)

Title: Hipster Brothel
Author: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 24th 2017
Genre(s): Historical Romance
Page Count: 162
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

— The lumberjack of his dreams is now available for rent. —

Mr. B has always been a safe guy for Jo to crush on. He’s the cutest bearded lumber-god to salivate over. Add to that his friendly, outgoing personality, and Mr. B might just be the first guy Jo would be willing to kiss. Fortunately, Mr. B has been in a relationship for years, and Jo is no home-wrecker.

But when Mr. B breaks up with his partner and all of a sudden is single, available, and talks about his plans to be sexually adventurous, Jo isn’t so sure anymore if he has the guts to come out as bisexual.

After a sour breakup, Mr. B wants to show his ex that he’s independent, exciting, and can do very well without him. His best friend Jo is there to the rescue, and they come up with a great new business venture. One thing they lack to start their own line of artisanal boozy jams – money for the investment.

After a drunken brainstorming session, Mr. B finds a way to both gather the cash and show the middle finger to his ex. He will create a one of a kind Hipster Brothel – The Lumbersexual Experience – offering wood chopping lessons, pipe smoking, and a reclaimed wood bed where the magic happens. It’s bound to be a success… if only Mr. B can go through with it, because the mixed signals from Jo are making him wonder if his best friend is as straight as he always seemed.


Themes: Hipsters, sex work, friends to lovers, bisexuality, post-breakup issues, coming out, first time, alternative lifestyles, lumbersexual bear, commitment

Genre: M/M contemporary romance

Length: ~50,000 words (standalone novel)

WARNING: Explicit content, strong language. A shameless amount of buzzwords. May cause second-hand embarrassment.

What we have here is a train car converted to suit a hipster brothel’s needs, boozy jams, and The Lumbersexual Experience! Sounds crazy, yes? Well, it was kinda crazy, but somehow it made sense, and by the end of the story, everything just clicked.

This is a friends-to-lovers story. The “Hipster Brothel” is the result of a drunken brainstorming session, after Mr.B’s nasty breakup with his long-term boyfriend. That’s right, Mr. B will no longer be boring. He’s gonna offer his future clients the ultimate lumbersexual experience: wood chopping, pipe smoking, and fucking a lumberjack.

Who is he kidding? Mr.B is the sweetest, cuddliest, gentlest teddy bear there is. He just doesn’t have it in him to become an escort. He’s a relationship kind of guy, and a monogamist. His best friend, Jo, knows that but he has his own selfish reasons for not putting a stop to this.

You see, Jo is bisexual, and in love with Mr.B, but he won’t admit it. Jo and Mr.B both let their insecurities screw things up for them. Jo is closeted and has never been with a man before, and Mr.B is maybe too gentle and compliant for his own good. Until he isn’t.

I really loved this sweet and quirky story. I liked the push and pull between the two protagonists, and I understood Jo’s struggle with coming out; it felt true and realistic. And I cheered Mr.B on for finally standing his ground and staying true to himself.

This is pretty low angst, adorkable, and hella sexy. The epilogue two years down the road was the cherry on top.

If someone could come up with the idea of a Hipster Brothel, that would be K.A.Merikan. Recommended!

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Galley copy of Hipster Brothel provided by the authors in exchange of an honest review.


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