The Case of the Wandering Wolves (Trickster’s Eye #1)

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Title: The Case of the Wandering Wolves (Trickster’s Eye #1)
Author: Mell Eight
Release Date: January 11, 2017
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Page Count: 48
Reviewed by: Steph
Heat Level: 0 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.00 stars out of 5

Six years ago Latrans found his mate—and had to let him go. Now York has returned pleading for Latrans’ help. His daughter has been kidnapped and Latrans is the only person York trusts to get her back. But a simple matter of rescue proves to be far more complicated than anticipated, and even having his mate at his side may not be enough to win the day.

This is a short and sweet story; however, do not expect any romance. Yes, they are mates; however, being human and brought up by very religious parents did not fare well for York. The author does a good job showing the struggle he faces; what he’s taught versus what his heart wants. In fact, York has denied his mate, a coyote shifter, for the past six years.

Latrans, like any possessive mate, has kept an eye on York. Making sure he and his daughter Sammy are taken care of. It kills Latrans that he can be nothing more for the man he’s destined for. In the end, he’s able to save his mates daughter, but something unfortunate happens to York where his life is changed forever.

I cannot wait for the second book to see where the author takes this. I want to see how York feels now that the game has changed on him, and if this will affect his mate. I also wonder what will happen with Sammy and her new status. I don’t know about everyone else, but I really think that this could turn out to be a really good series. Here is to hoping!

Side Note: If you need further clarification on anything, please ask. I am one not to divulge potential spoilers that might ruin it for others. It is just my thing 🙂

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